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Financing 11.7 billion, now Telegram's lEO is a big whale shipment?

Telegram is finally going to be available to the public. However, this time Telegram adopted the lEO model, which was put on the cryptocurrency exchange Liquid and released to users in limited countries. According to Liquid's official information, the instant messaging Telegram token GRAM will be exclusively launched on the cryptocurrency exchange Liquid at 8:00 […]

Private placement is smooth, opening is deserted, why is LEO not as expected?

Summary review: Bitfinex is a well-known and established exchange, with considerable profitability and private placements progressing smoothly. However, there has not been a situation in which the opening of the IEO project has increased several times. What are the reasons?

Circle the focus, read the new LEO white paper from Bitfinex

“The final interpretation is owned by the issuer.” On May 8, Bitfinex, the cryptocurrency exchange, officially announced the official white paper for LEO. Previously, Bitongx shareholder and DGroup founder Zhao Dong had published the Chinese draft version of the white paper on Weibo, but there are still many differences between the two. The Odaily Planet […]

The draft details of Bitfinex IEO are announced, but you are not likely to participate in the qualifications.

In the morning of May 4th, a document entitled "Bitfinex ICO White Paper" was forwarded by many media inside the circle. The so-called "white paper" writes that Bitfinex will launch ICO on May 2, issue a total of 200 million Bitfinex Coin (BFX), and only accept BTC and ETH participation. Soon after, this "white paper" […]