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Interview with Li Lin | Year after returning to the fire coin

Text | Lu Xiaoming Produced | Odaily Planet Daily (ID: o-daily) Inside the new Zen-decorated office, the window is leaning against the classical Chinese circular shelf. Li Lin sits opposite the solid wood tea table and squats down the temple. Li Lin, who is rare in Beijing, has a tight schedule: before the interview, he […]

Li Lin: 5G, Internet of Things, AI and blockchain will become the new accelerators of the digital economy

Xinhuanet Hangzhou October 20th (Reporter Gao Chang Zhang Ling) From October 20th to 22nd, the 6th World Internet Conference was held in Wuzhen, Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province. The conference focused on "Intelligent Internet and Open Cooperation – Join Hands to Build Network Space Destiny" community". During the conference, Li Lin, chairman, founder and CEO of the […]

Li Lin's latest speech: What is the "dao" of the blockchain?

The exchange has been playing for five years. The competition such as close combat is happening all the time in the dark. We saw a little ripple on the lake. In fact, the bottom of the water is already a corpse. In the past five years, we have witnessed a change inadvertently. Mt.gox, the former […]

Li Lin talks about “industry anxiety”: How do we face uncertainty?

From September 19th to 21st, the Fire Coin Group held the "Fire with the Peers and Asked Wudang" activities in Wudang Mountain. On the afternoon of September 21st, the "Fire Coin Industry Fire Contest: The Industry's Deep Way", Li Lin, Chairman and CEO of the Fire Coin Group, delivered a keynote speech "Wudang asked." Li […]

Why did Zhao Changpeng and Li Lin push off Buffett’s luncheon for the first time: compliance issues remain unresolved

Sun Yuchen should have not done a good job. When Sun Yuchen successfully photographed the Buffett luncheon for $4,567,888, he told the media on June 4 that Wu Jihan, the founder of the most successful Bitland in the mining field, was the most successful founder of the exchange, Zhao Changpeng, domestically. Li Lin, founder of […]