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Theory and Practice of Decentralized Organization (DAO): Conceptualization and Classification of DAO

Author: Ann coins Institute Key takeaways Binance Research Institute defines the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) as "an organizational form that coordinates member actions and resources through a set of multilaterally agreed, a priori binding and formally transparent rules." Existing DAOs take many different forms, including blockchain, ecosystems, protocols, natural resources, and mutual protection. Decentralized autonomous […]

China wins two-thirds of Bitcoin's computing power share, with 54% of its computing power in Sichuan

Source: Shallot Blockchain According to a report from digital asset management company CoinShares, Chinese bitcoin miners now control two-thirds of global computing power. The main points of the report are as follows: 1. Bitcoin miners in China control 66% of the computing power, and Sichuan alone accounts for 54%; 2. The growth of China's share […]

Science | The total number of Bitcoin private keys is 2 to the power of 256. How big is this number?

Source: 3Blue1Brown Translation: Cobo Wallet When creating a digital asset wallet, a private key is generated. There are 2 256 possibilities for randomly generating a private key. Everyone says that the power of 256 is a very large number. But I am a real person. What is the concept of 256 to the power of […]

Layer 3 middle layer: a new engine for Web 3.0 development?

Author: Howard Source: Consensus Future Foreword: The recent blockchain primary market investment is still very cold, but we still notice some financing progress on the dApp ecosystem. Binance announced last week that it has acquired the decentralized application analysis service platform Dappreview, a company that provides data for dApp users. Analyze services and help build […]

Deputy Director of the Institute of Finance of the Development Research Center of the State Council: Opportunities and Challenges of Digital Currency

Source: China Economic Net Editor's note: The original title was "The Opportunities of Digital Currency and the Challenges of Itself and Outside" The writer is Zhang Liping, deputy director of the Institute of Finance of the Development Research Center of the State Council. I mainly talk about three aspects: First, the opportunity of digital currency, […]

Deep Analysis | How to Obtain Alpha in Crypto Market Investment

Source: Simplified Coin Market In traditional financial markets, the safest investment is to buy government bonds (or deposits with banks). People often think of these as risk-free investments, and their returns are also risk-free returns. The investment behavior is actually to obtain a higher return than the risk-free rate of return. Therefore, in general, the […]

One article about Ethereum's "Ice Age": this could be the last delay

Ethereum block difficulty growth started in November 2016. Since then, developers have been forced to make a hard fork to keep the network up and running until transitioning to a proof-of-stake (PoS) algorithm. In the preliminary preparations for the Istanbul upgrade implemented on December 8, 2019, the Ethereum team once again decided to postpone the […]

Atlas of Chinese Blockchain Listed Companies (2019)

Author: Lin Zeling This report was jointly released by Null One Think Tank & Digital Asset Research Institute. According to the statistics of the Zero One Think Tank, 215 blockchain concept stocks are distributed in the five cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, with 43 in Beijing, 40 in Shenzhen, 13 in Hangzhou, […]

Observation | The Last Public Chain: Who is the Last King?

Author: FYJ Source: BlockBeats Editor's Note: The original title was "The Last Public Chain" This article records the story before and after my interview with the Near team in San Francisco, and describes the efforts of a group of "reliable" people to solve some "simple" problems in the industry. Walking out of the Blockchain Week […]

Discussion: The Future of Open Finance, Public Chain and Alliance Chain

Recently, X-Order invited some friends in the blockchain industry to discuss the value capture of the chain from the perspective of the project party, the investor, and the industry observer. The following is a record of some wonderful discussions, hoping to give some inspiration to those who are still advancing in the industry, enjoy ~ […]