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Beijing's "regulation sandbox" experiment is about to begin, and the road to blockchain compliance begins?

Author: Joyce Source: Blockchain Outpost On December 5th, the People's Bank of China issued an announcement saying that it supports Beijing to take the lead in launching a fintech innovation supervision pilot in the country. Beijing Exploration will explore the use of flexible management methods such as information disclosure, product disclosure, and social supervision, and […]

Article predicts five major impacts of secure multiparty computing (MPC) on the blockchain industry in 2020

Note: The original author is Omer Shlomovits, co-founder of the ZenGo team. One of the core technologies of the project is secure multiparty computing (MPC). Secure Multiparty Computing (MPC) allows independent parties to perform functions on personal confidential data without revealing the data itself. The secure multiparty computing (MPC) has a history of nearly 40 […]

Featured | Some secrets about DAO that you can't see at the developer conference

Today's content includes: 1. How to steal 340 million USD locked by MakerDAO with 20 million; 2.Some secrets about DAO that you can't see at the developer conference; 3.In-depth analysis of the cryptocurrency network economy; 4. All you want to know about HEX: promises, allegations and responses; 5. DeFi interest rate betting product: Maple. How […]

Opinion | The open source of hardware wallets does not represent a wallet upgrade, but a major security compromise

Source: Medium_Cobo official blog Compilation: First Class ( Editor's note: The original title was "View: Should Hardware Wallets Be Open Source? 》 As enthusiastic advocates of open source software, we have great respect for pioneer developers who share their work with the world. There is no doubt that we are in the cryptocurrency field and […]

Bakkt plans to launch a set of digital currency products in 2020, similar to Brent crude oil futures contracts

It's unclear who will lead Bakkt into 2020, but the company's product roadmap is already somewhat clear. Image source: visualhunt In a recent blog post, the Intercontinental Exchange company announced that it will launch two new contracts and said it wants to emulate its parent company to provide a set of Brent Crude Oil Futures) […]

Gospel for institutional investors, SEC approves first Bitcoin futures investment fund

A new Bitcoin futures fund managed by Stone Ridge, a $ 15 billion asset management company, has been approved by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Although companies like Galaxy Digital and VanEck have recently launched similar structured funds, this new fund is only intended to invest in cash-settled futures. Cash-settled futures address regulators' […]

Li Lihui: China leads the way in the development of fiat digital currencies

Source of this article: "Talk" by Fenghuangwang Finance Author: Xu Choi Blockchain stands on the cusp, and the central bank's digital currency is poised for growth. On October 24th, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee emphasized that blockchain as a breakthrough point in core technology plays an important role in improving people's livelihood, […]

Global debt, Ethereum, and the open financial system

This article from the Medium, the original author: Anthony Bertolino Translator: Moni Source: Odaily Planet Daily No matter if you are an investor, a trader, or just an ordinary person, now you have to get up to 12 points to take a look at this article. Let me ask you a question first: Ray Dalio, […]

Chinese version of fintech "supervision sandbox" debuts in Beijing, head of the central bank's business management department: will not be included in virtual currency and other institutions

"Finance" reporter Zhang Yingxin Source: Financial Network Editor's Note: The original title was "China Edition of the Fintech" Supervision Sandbox "Premiere in Beijing: Licensed Admission is the Bottom Line" Relevant person in charge said that it must be a licensed financial institution to enter, and it does not exclude the entry of projects launched by […]

Focus on Hainan's blockchain boom: the talent dilemma behind the "gold rush"

Source: "Science and Technology Board Daily" , the original title "Focus on Hainan's Blockchain Fever: Baidu, 360, Huobi, and Oke are" gold rush "These key shortcomings are to be solved! 》 Author: Gang Chai Recently, Hainan is very "blue". Within a week, two large-scale forums related to blockchain were held in Sanya and Haikou, and […]