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The central bank's legal digital currency pilot project is expected to land in Shenzhen, Suzhou and other places

Source: Business Magazine Despite much controversy, the torrent of technological innovation has pushed digital currencies to the point of the times. The competition for key nodes comes from government forces-various central banks' research and judgments and bets on fiat digital currencies, and the People's Bank of China may become the frontrunner. For three years of […]

How does blockchain change the banking industry? A complete overview of the blockchain path of state-owned banks

Babbitt, from December 7th to 8th, the "Blockchain Technology and Application" Science and Technology Frontier Forum hosted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and jointly supported by the China Academy of Information and Communication Technology was held in Shenzhen. At the Blockchain Finance Forum on the 8th, heavy guests from financial institutions such as China […]

Research Report | The latest progress of global central bank digital currencies

Overview With the change in consumer payment habits, the role of cash is weakening. Cashless transactions will be the next payment frontier. At present, the central banks of many countries are preparing for the issuance of digital currencies. The stability and security of digital currencies is a top priority for central bank R & D. […]

Ukraine officially legalizes cryptocurrency payments and will strictly abide by FATF regulatory rules

According to foreign media reports, according to foreign media reports, the Verkhovna Rada of the Ukrainian Parliament has approved the amendment to the cryptocurrency. The new legislation aims to translate the standards of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) into national laws, Who is responsible for regulating the country's cryptocurrency industry. The bill was amended […]

Summary of Special Subsidy Policies for the Blockchain Industry in 10 Cities

Author / Hu Tao As blockchain technology has recently received high-level attention and attention at the national level, blockchain entrepreneurship has also become one of the hottest topics in society. In recent years, many governments across the country have issued special preferential subsidy policies for the blockchain industry. According to preliminary statistics from the chain […]

Popular Science | Data Privacy Protection Mechanism + Blockchain Application Scenarios

This article is the course content of the sixth class of Wanxiang Blockchain Hive Academy Open Class. Tutor Xie Hongjun (Chief Operating Officer of Matrix Element) has extensive experience in blockchain and cryptographic technology research. In the class, he first took everyone to review what the blockchain technology is, and analyzed the application of the […]

Risk of Compound being overlooked: insufficient liquidity and bank runs

Author: Bogdan Gheorghe, Momo Araki, Everett Muzzy Compilation: Share Finance Neo Summary: Looking back at Compound's history of liquidity risks and what it means for the future of DeFi? Introduction The open finance (also known as decentralized finance or DeFi) platform running on the Ethereum blockchain has attracted the attention of blockchain enthusiasts and institutional […]

Industry Blockchain Weekly: Banks Take the Lead, Hainan's Policies Are Most Aggressive

This week's weekly development of the industry blockchain is presented from three dimensions: application landing, industrial policy, and listed company dynamics. In the application landing, bank data is eye-catching. Only the cross-border financial blockchain service platform in which China Banknotes Credit Card participated in lending funds exceeded 66 billion yuan. In terms of industrial policies, […]

The bridge for millions of users to enter the world of cryptocurrencies: an article to understand the Ethereum expansion solution ZK Sync

Written in front: This article was published by Matter Labs. The company has received funding from the Ethereum Foundation and has made some progress in terms of capacity expansion programs. It proposes a layer 2 solution in the article, which can meet the needs of millions of users without sacrificing decentralization, while ensuring privacy, and […]

The demand for cryptocurrencies may skyrocket! What else does Deutsche Bank report "Imagine 2030" imply?

Source: Shallot Blockchain Deutsche Bank report "Imagine 2030" states that as inflation rises, people are increasingly skeptical about the sustainability of government-backed currencies, which may prompt more people to buy digital assets. The report analyzes 24 alternatives over the next 10 years. Shallot will translate and organize only two of these topics. Strategist Jim Reid […]