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What is the anxiety of the US Congress in a hearing that triggered a market earthquake? Will Libra be banned in the end?

"Facebook is dangerous!" "I don't trust Facebook, and I am not a special case!" …… At 10 am on July 16th, Washington time, a hearing on the Facebook cryptocurrency project Libra was held in the US Senate as scheduled. The theme of the hearing was "Reviewing Facebook's Digital Currency and Its Data Privacy." On the […]

Libra is sad to trust and supervise

On July 16th, a child who just learned to walk got a pack of matches, Facebook burned the house again and again, and called each arson a learning experience.” On the 16th, the US Senate At the Banking Committee, Ohio State Democrat and senior senator Sherrod Brown said unceremoniously to David Marcus, head of Libra, […]

Libra delays launch or is a foregone conclusion, bitcoin market outlook will continue to fall

First, Marcus said that it will fully cooperate with regulators in the US and around the world before the official launch of Libra, and will not evade any supervision. After that, Marcus reiterated that Libra will not be launched unless the regulator is satisfied. In addition, for Libra to choose Switzerland as its headquarters, Marcus […]

Libra is accused of being implicated in Bitcoin, and two important intervals determine the future direction of BTC

From the point of view of the downturn, the plunge and the Libra hearing are still strongly related. Although David Marcus, the head of the Libra project, was sufficiently low-key and candid at the congressional hearings, Libra clearly had a lot of doubts from the words of the congressmen, and Facebook’s stains on privately processed […]

Dissatisfied Libra hearing, lying on the coin circle

At the US Senate hearing last night, David Marcus, the head of Facebook's blockchain and CEO of Calibra, was besieged by lawmakers. The politicians said the company was "imagining" and was not credible. For example, Senator Sherrod Brown bluntly stated: "The occurrence of a scandal shows that Facebook is not worthy of our trust." Lawmakers […]

Xinhua Finance Review: Libra is sad to trust and supervise

Xinhua Finance, Washington, July 16 (Reporter Xu Yuan Deng Xianlai) "Like a child who just learned to walk, got a pack of matches, Facebook burned the house again and again, and called every arson. A learning experience." On the 16th US Senate Banking Committee, Ohio Democrat and senior senator Sherrod Brown was unceremoniously acquainted with […]

US Senator: Facebook is very dangerous. Libra is not worthy of our trust.

According to foreign media reports, the US Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee (SCBHUA) held a hearing on Facebook's digital cryptocurrency Libra on Tuesday night. David Licus, head of the Facebook Libra project, attended the hearing and gave testimony. Sherrod Brown, a senior member of the committee and Democratic senator, said in the opening […]

Libra VS US Congress New Currency War

Although Libra officials have never stepped into the US Congress before, its name has been mentioned here numerous times in the past week. Today, the two sides formally confronted each other. At 10 am on July 16th, at 18 o'clock in the Libra white paper, Libra head David Marcus was invited to the Capitol Hill […]

Questions that David Marcus avoided at the hearings

At the hearing on the topic "Reviewing Facebook's cryptocurrency and its data privacy," Libra's head, David Marcus, avoided some of the sharp questions. According to Techcrunch, Libra leader David Marcus avoided the following questions at a hearing entitled "Reviewing cryptocurrencies proposed by Facebook and its data privacy": Mike Crapo, Chairman of the Senate Bank, Housing […]

Libra hearings are full of gunpowder: it is difficult for regulators to trust Facebook

Today, after Zuckerberg was “rounded up” by US lawmakers on the data abuse problem exposed by Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, Facebook was “called” today. This time, Libra digital currency and data privacy issues became the subject of the hearing. On June 18th, as Facebook released the Libra white paper, the most heavyweight players in the […]