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Facebook hearings 丨 yesterday, today, Libra's road to tomorrow is even harder

On the evening of July 16th, Beijing time, the US Senate Bank, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee held a hearing on the theme of “Reviewing Facebook's Digital Currency and Data Privacy Considerations”. David Block, Head of Facebook Blockchain and CEO of Calibra Presented as a hearing person. The hearings were full of gunpowder, privacy issues, […]

Xiao Lei: The renminbi is absent from the libra currency basket, and the purpose of the United States has been achieved.

In 2009, the world was still full of anger over the world economic and financial turmoil caused by the US subprime mortgage crisis. On the one hand, the Fed maintained ultra-low interest rates, and on the other hand began to increase the implementation of QE. As the world currency, the US dollar has many countries […]

Hearing Prospects | Bullying Congress White, not saying how to make a profit, what are the loopholes in Libra's congressional testimony?

David Marcus, head of Facebook blockchain subsidiary Calibra, has prepared testimony for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow's congressional hearings. One of the messages is worthy of attention because he explained that the Libra Association will be regulated by the Swiss government because Switzerland is the Libra Association headquarters. location. However, the Libra Association and […]

Comment: The hearing is imminent, why is the United States jealous of Libra?

The two hearings for Libra will be held in the United States, and the results will be smaller, which will affect the market trend of the digital money market in the next period of time; to the point that it will even decide the world's financial and future in the coming decades. Currency system. As […]

UK Treasury Secretary: It is up to the regulator to decide how to treat Libra instead of the legislator

According to CNBC’s report on July 15, British Finance Minister Philip Hammond said that regulators, not legislators, should decide how to regulate Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra. Hammond said in an interview with CNBC's "Squawk Box" that it is not up to the legislators to decide whether social media giant Facebook needs to apply for a banking […]

The Libra hearing will become the key to the success of Bitcoin rebound, and the opportunity to play the short-term game in the cottage currency!

From the news point of view, the rebound in bitcoin rebound last night was more affected by the speech of the US authorities. Earlier in the day, Coindesk reporters said that US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said at a press conference on cryptocurrencies that "cryptocurrencies have been linked to cybercrime, extortion, ransomware, etc., and the […]

Libra project leader: Libra project will not be launched until the supervision

According to the US Senate official website, on July 16th, Libra project leader David Marcus published his testimony at the forthcoming Libra hearing, which stated that it is "completely solving" the regulator's Facebook will not launch the Libra project until it is worried and approved. I hope Switzerland will become Libra's regulator In addition, Marcus […]

US Treasury Secretary: Libra is involved in “national security” and may be abused by terrorists

On Monday, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin held a press conference saying that Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra “may be abused by money launderers and terrorists” and that this is a “national security issue”. According to CNNB, Mnuchin also mentioned other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. He said that "cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have been used to support billions […]

US Treasury Secretary: Facebook's Libra must develop appropriate safeguards

According to CoinDesk reporter Nikhilesh De, at the press conference on cryptocurrency, US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said, "Encryption has always been associated with cybercrime, extortion, ransomware, etc. The currency side has been at the forefront and will not allow digital asset service providers to basically violate the law. Facebook says its service providers must […]

Facebook Libra person in charge hearing testimony: will not launch (full text)

The following is the testimony of Marcus's hearing: First, the introduction President Crabpo (Mike Crapo, Chairman of the US Senate Banking Committee), senior member Brown, and members of the committee, thank you for the opportunity given me today. I am David Marcus, head of Facebook Calibra (Digital Wallet). For most of my life, I am […]