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Read the question that Libra, Facebook will face, will face problems at the US FSC hearing on Wednesday.

Chains on Finance, when inquiring about the pre-session documents, learned that the conference focused on the definition of Libra's nature, the impact of cryptocurrency sales on consumer protection, privacy data protection issues and the emergence of Libra's systemic risks to the entire US financial system. Which of these four important topics. On July 17, 2019, […]

Libra Senate and the House hearings preview: the situation in the Senate is acceptable, the House of Representatives is more dangerous

Libra’s Senate hearing and the House hearing were held soon. Through detailed combing, the value of the carbon chain found that the reasons for Libra's parliamentarians were similar (supporting innovation), while the parliamentarians opposed to the Libra project had their own reasons. The reasons for opposition include not only concerns about privacy, concerns about the […]

Suning Financial Research Institute: Libra Ruocheng, Bitcoin will be extinguished

It has been quiet for a long time, and the currency circle is boiling again. One bitcoin regained its uptrend and reproduces the money-making effect; the second giant entered the game, and Libra attracted much attention. These two things seem to help each other, but in fact they compete. Libra, who ignores Bitcoin as a […]

Starting from the "Father of Libra" Marcus: Interested in Bitcoin 7 years ago, personally texting and convincing Zuckerberg to issue coins

The release of the Libra white paper reveals Facebook's ambitions, but the challenge facing Marcus has only just begun, and the first threshold to be crossed is global regulation. This article is intended to convey more market information and does not constitute any investment advice. Libra was born, and the key figures behind it also […]

"Naughty" Facebook, "fear" Congress, what is going to be about the upcoming hearing?

Facebook will testify before Congress on Tuesday, and the company's cryptocurrency project still faces some key issues before Marcus (the head of the Facebook blockchain division) travels to Washington. Facebook recently announced Libra plans with dozens of major partners such as Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Uber, eBay and Vodafone, which has plunged the cryptocurrency field into […]

Gu Yanxi: Libra, Pandora's Box of Central Banks

Libra will provide a financial market infrastructure (FMI) on a global scale and issue and distribute stable currency on it. Such a FMI and digital currency is a brand new financial system that is independent of the existing financial market. Given the global influence of Libra Association members, this has forced central banks to take […]

Viewpoints | Facebook is a big winner regardless of Libra’s fate

“Libra can also open the door to digital finance and the digital society like WeChat and Alipay, bringing Facebook into a new business model.” Since Facebook’s release of its digital currency, Libra, will be available in 2020, questions and controversy continue. In response, Libra project leader David Marcus recently sent a sincere open letter to […]

Sudden! The US Congress drafts a plan to ban technology giants from releasing digital assets

On July 14th, before the upcoming Facebook Libra congressional hearing, a draft discussion entitled “Let Bigtech Stay Away from the Financial Act” surfaced. It is reported that the bill aims to prevent technology giants from becoming financial institutions. It also attempts to prohibit these companies from “establishing, maintaining or operating a digital asset that is […]

Chen Yuan, vice chairman of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference: Libra is likely to have an impact on traditional cross-border business and payment business

Article source: Financial sector original title: "Chen Yuan: The integration of finance and technology is the trend of the times" On July 13th, the “Fourth Global Financial Technology (Beijing) Summit” hosted by China Financial Forty Forum and Financial City was held in Beijing. The theme of this summit was “ Financial Technology: Standard Development and […]

Can Facebook's Libra project go smoothly? Ten governments responded

More and more governments have responded to Facebook's cryptocurrency program, including China, France, India, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States. Some intergovernmental organizations are also considering relevant countermeasures, such as the European Central Bank and the European Central Bank. Last month, Facebook announced plans for its new subsidiary, […]