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China, the United States, Britain, France and other eight central banks expressed their views on Libra – central banks and commercial banks "all living beings"

The Fed finally made a positive statement. "Libra should not be allowed to be released before Facebook solves regulatory problems." On July 10, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said at a hearing of the House Financial Services Committee. And on the 11th, it was suspected that Facebook was able to launch Libra on its timetable. […]

QQ Coin VS Libra | Brilliant Past VS Tortuous Future

Last month, Facebook’s global release of the issue of the release of Libra coins has successfully attracted global attention. In just a few days, with the 2.3 billion users of Facebook, Facebook successfully completed the concept of a virtual currency in the world. Many friends around me asked me, this Libra, and the Tencent QQ […]

Viewpoint | Libra needs to go a long way to become a currency

Sina Finance News July 12 news, mobile payment innovation service industry upgrade and high-quality development seminar was held in Beijing today, Li Yang, member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and director of the National Finance and Development Laboratory attended and delivered a speech. He pointed out that under the new development trend, we […]

Comments | Lying Trump: What he is against is not a cryptocurrency at all.

On July 12th, US President Trump said on his Twitter: I am not a fan of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They are not money. Their value fluctuates greatly and comes out of thin air. Image source: Twitter screenshot Unregulated crypto assets can promote illegal behavior, including drug trafficking and other illegal activities. He also pointed […]

Let the dollar be great again? Trump "declared war" bitcoin and Libra, but led to siege

On July 12th, Beijing time, the US Congress, the Federal Reserve and Trump finally reached a "unified front" and jointly targeted Facebook's cryptocurrency Libra. At the same time, Trump also "declared war" to the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem such as Bitcoin. Earlier, the four major regulators in the US Congress also voiced a request to Facebook […]

Fed Chairman Powell: Bitcoin is likely to replace the US dollar as the world's reserve currency, and the current regulatory system is powerless to Libra.

On Thursday, Federal Reserve Chairman Powell reiterated concerns about Facebook's cryptocurrency Libra at a Senate Banking Committee hearing. He expects Libra to be an important topic at the upcoming G7 finance ministers meeting. Powell is concerned that Libra will trigger money laundering, financial instability and user privacy issues. Powell told members of the Senate Banking […]

Shouting transparent, but no one knows how much Libra Facebook will buy.

Facebook launched Libra, the cryptocurrency, and formed the Libra Association, but each company or organization that wants to join is required to pay a $10 million "admission fee." However, perhaps you don't know, this $10 million – just the minimum threshold for membership. If you become a Libra member, in addition to having the power […]

The Fed chairman’s attitude is a big turn: Will Libra die before the regulatory siege?

Facebook, the US social networking giant, previously released the Libra (Libra) white paper on cryptocurrency projects. The voices of discussion and skepticism have been constant. At first, the support from the currency circle and chain circle was huge, and with the support of seven large companies including Visa and Paypal, Libra was born with a […]

Dry goods | Shanghai Jiaotong University Professor Hu Jie dismantled Libra Libra: This is a new thing in the sun

On the evening of July 4th, the first phase of the Lujiazui Research and Development Series Theme Salon “Technology and Finance” was held at the Pudong Campus of Shanghai Advanced Finance Institute. The guest invited by Sharon in this issue was Hu Jie, a professor of practice at Shanghai Institute of Advanced Finance, Shanghai Jiaotong […]

"Libra coin" is difficult to become a legal digital currency

Recently, social networking giant Facebook (Facebook) released its virtual currency "Libra" project white paper, which has received global attention. At the Dalian Summer Davos Forum held not long ago, “Libra Coin” also sparked heated discussions. Although Libra Coin has some distinctive features, it is not a legal digital currency and it is difficult to become […]