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The company that declared bankruptcy was consistent with the FB goal. Can Libra complete its mission for it?

A blockchain payment startup is trying to serve a "bankless account" user, but the collapse of the company is not a good sign for other companies with similar plans, such as Facebook. At the end of 2017, South Africa-based Wala launched its own cryptocurrency in developing countries in Africa, hoping to eventually replace its more […]

Facebook Libra turned out, People’s Daily and CCTV screamed, and the policy should be better?

Central media coverage of Facebook Libra will trigger a larger discussion, allowing the public to more fully and objectively understand, understand and even accept blockchain and cryptocurrency. This article is intended to convey more market information and does not constitute any investment advice. In the third week of Facebook’s release of the Libra white paper, […]

The US Congress asks Facebook to stop Libra, but the social giants are moving frequently.

Facebook has been publishing Libra's white paper for the cryptocurrency project for more than a decade, but comments on it are still in the newspaper. In addition to the closely related blockchain practitioners, the traditional Internet big V, such as Ma Huateng, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan, have expressed their views on Facebook's Libra project. Because […]

Facebook's David Marcus solves the Libra Trust issue

David Marcus, head of CALIBRA on Facebook, emphasizes that Libra users will not have to put their trust on Facebook. Marcus reiterated that Facebook is not the only member of the Libra network and they gave up control of the network. In the post, he said: "Facebook does not control the network, currency or support […]

Facebook defends LIbra after US lawmakers call for a moratorium

Libra, the cryptocurrency of social media giants, announced that two weeks later, Facebook and US lawmakers had a disagreement about the potential dangers of the plan. On Tuesday, the California-based company received a letter from the House Financial Services Committee, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, and four House Democrats asking the company to suspend the project and […]

Facebook Libra turned out to be the People’s Daily’s CCTV vocal policy to turn better?

In the third week of Facebook’s release of the Libra white paper, the central media’s evaluation of it finally broke out. First, the English version of the Global Times, which is owned by the People’s Daily, first took the lead on June 25. The English version of the Global Times clearly stated that "the era […]

Why does the United States and the European Union recognize bitcoin but stop Libra?

In digital currency, you may be familiar with Bitcoin. In mid-June, Libra, the “new upstart” of digital currency, was born. Libra is not only backed by global social networking giant Facebook, but also supported by 26 multinational companies including Uber and Ebay. Big giant Visa and Mastercard. According to Facebook's founder Zuckerberg's plan, Libra is […]

Facebook official announced that "will not give up Libra", Zuckerberg is determined to "block bullets" for Bitcoin

Facebook's cryptocurrency Libra has become the "opponent" of US monetary policy and the US dollar itself. It is based on this view that the US Congress has repeatedly failed, and now has officially urged Mark Zuckerberg to stop the development of its encryption project. Zuckerberg will now face a confrontation with the US government and […]

The road is blocked and long, Libra project leader Chang Wen responded to all questions

On July 3, local time, Facebook Libra project leader David Marcus published a long article "Libra, 2 weeks in" on his personal Facebook, explaining some of the questions and misunderstandings that Libra had encountered in the past two weeks. The following is the full text: It has been officially open for two weeks since Libra, […]

Libra Director David Marcus: Users don't have to believe that we will attend the hearing this month.

According to a report yesterday, more than 30 privacy and consumer watchdog agencies in Washington, DC, wrote a letter requesting that the project be suspended to address the "serious problems" it caused. In addition, five members of Congress wrote to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to suspend the development of the Libra encryption project. Marcus tried […]