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Libra blockchain paper analysis – introduction, data logic model (part 1)

This article was written by Dr. Chen Zhisheng. The first sentence in the abstract summary shows the purpose of Facebook's Libra blockchain (what to do): Establish a blockchain that supports stable cryptocurrencies to provide convenient electronic payments to people around the world. The paper emphasizes that the blockchain is a decentralized programmable database. Reflecting Facebook's […]

Depth | Libra positioning, application value and external influence

On June 18, 2019, Facebook officially released Libra's white paper and test network for its long-established internal project. According to the official white paper, Libra's mission is to create a simple, borderless currency and financial infrastructure for billions of people by creating a new decentralized blockchain, a low-volatility cryptocurrency. And a smart contract platform plan […]

July 1st market: Libra or landing in Japan for a long time to see the bull market continues

Interpretation today Facebook's upcoming Libra project is unlikely to encounter any obstacles in Japan. The head of the Japan Financial Services Authority (FSA) said that Libra "is unlikely to be classified as cryptocurrency." Because Japanese law states that cryptocurrency (or crypto assets) means "not a legal currency or a fiat currency-based asset." As explicitly mentioned […]

Interpretation of Libra blockchain programming language

On June 18th, Libra, an encrypted digital currency project initiated by Facebook, was officially unveiled. Libra's white paper was also released in parallel with several technical documents, highlighting the new blockchain programming language Move and the consensus protocol LibraBFT. This article explains the Move language from a technical perspective and leads everyone to make a […]

Libra Research Report of CCID Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Advocating China's Active Promotion of Digital Legal Currency Construction

Editor's Note: CCID Block Chain Research Institute is affiliated to China Electronics and Information Industry Development Research Institute (Ceddy). It is directly affiliated to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and has the function of providing decision-making advice to decision makers. This report analyzes Facebook's launch of Libra and suggests that China should actively […]

How do programmers view Libra source code? More doubts on GitHub

Libra is still in its early stages, and it may not be possible to see some inspiring things in the next few months. Facebook has released the Libra white paper on cryptocurrency for the past two weeks. As an open source project, Libra's source code has also been released on the well-known open source community […]

Libra Project of "Facebook" Digital Currency——Thoughts on Counterattack in China

Facebook's Libra project white paper was released, and the world is stunned. The dollar-backed digital currency built by the Libra project will challenge national sovereign currencies and is more likely to replace the sovereign currency of backward countries in the near future. The Libra project has 100 distributed system nodes, and the 28 founding nodes […]

Libra is coming, USDT is in danger.

For a long time, USDT has occupied more than 70% of the stable currency market. It has always been the dominant player in the stable currency. Although there are also stable coins such as PAX, GUSD, Circle, TrueUSD and DAI, they are unable to shake the status of USDT. However, the USDT is often criticized […]

Libra's Achilles' heel: Cross-border supervision

Author: Prof. Practice Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance, former senior Fed economist Hu Jie block chain & Zhongguancun Industry Alliance chairman, BitTribe Lab (Hong Kong) chief preacher yuan Road June 29, 2019 [Reading] This article is from the dialogue between Yuandao and Hu Jie. Both are fans of blockchain technology. The Libra white paper, led […]

People's Daily talks about Libra: change the world or open the box?

During this time, Facebook released the Libra White Paper on Cryptographic Money, and plans to release the digital currency Libra on a global scale in the next few years. This has not only caused concern in the financial industry, but also caused worldwide thinking. Some people think that Libra will create a "new generation of […]