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Zhu Jiaming: Don't ignore the capital behind Facebook, and don't underestimate Libra's technology.

On June 25th, at the press conference on the publication of Libra's World Influence and China's Countermeasures, Professor Zhu Jiaming, the well-known economist and president of the Digital Assets Institute, shared his understanding of libra with the audience. The following is a wonderful sharing of Zhu Jiaming's teacher, organized by Babbitt. Professor Zhu Jiaming believes […]

Babbitt Column | Cash Pump: Libra

In the article " The Third Milestone in the History of Blockchain: Libra ", the author explains Libra's ability to improve financial infrastructure. Its grand vision of inclusive finance is worthy of deep thinking by blockchain practitioners. Last year, the author published a paper on "Simulation and Thinking of Cash Social and Economic Activities That […]

After Libra is on the line, what is the odds of Ali Tencent?

In the currency circle, there is no belief that a solar line cannot be recharged. Since last week, BTC has continued to rise, once breaking through the $11,000 mark. Let the silence of the moon for a few months come back to life, and many people who are watching the market have sent friends to […]

Babbitt column | What does Facebook Libra and Bitcoin reload with $10,000?

Personal wealth space, corporate wealth space and digital wealth space Facebook launched Libra, and Bitcoin weighed $10,000 (today's $11,000). Therefore, let me take my attention away from the blockchain technology of primary concern and try to look at it from the perspective of wealth. To date, digital assets (Cypto Encrypted Assets) remain an unreliable alternative […]

Deep Interpretation of the White Paper – Move: A New Programming Language for Facebook Libra Blockchain

Note: Some English proper nouns have no corresponding Chinese translation, and the original author and the Blockore team reserve the correct space for translation. Overview and motivation This article takes you on a preliminary look at the 26-page technical white paper on Facebook Libra's new programming language Move . As a developer of Ethereum and […]

False websites open Libra pre-sales, fraudsters receive IQ tax

Some fake websites appeared last weekend, aiming to use Libra's name to defraud some of the less vigilant investors. Although Libra has not yet been officially launched, the media's reports on it have attracted the attention of some potential investors. According to Google Trends and Reddit, most users search for how to buy Libra and […]

The world influence of Libra and China's countermeasures

On June 16, 2019, Facebook-led Libra Association released a white paper announcing the launch of the world's largest digital currency project. Based on Libra's vision and meaning, we recommend that its Chinese translation be defined as “Libra Coin”. In the following text, we will refer to Libra as “Libra Coin”. Libra is a digital currency […]

The Financial Times: Libra running in a closed-loop system can't change the world

Libra only runs on closed-loop systems, and the problems and challenges faced by cross-border payments should not be solved by closed-loop systems. Because the closed-loop system only serves one or more subsets of users, not everyone. But value needs to flow freely between each account. From a technical point of view, such a design is […]

The twelve points you must know about Libra

The previous saying was "The Internet is omnipotent, it can subvert everything" – but except for banks. The system of foundation, efficiency, innovation, security and credit of the banking system seems to be one of the few, and it is difficult to rely on the higher-level organizational model of the Internet to easily subvert. But […]

Starting from the account paradigm and the Token paradigm, why is Facebook Libra not a non-nationalization of currency? Platon Zou Chuanwei

brief introduction This paper examines the impact of blockchain on financial infrastructure and analyzes the recently-watched Facebook Libra from this perspective. The conclusion of this paper is that the financial infrastructure is divided into account paradigm and Token paradigm. The former is represented by the bank account system, and the latter is represented by the […]