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Babbitt column | Libra currency system is a 100% reserve full reserve banking system

When I read the Libra white paper, I heard Irving Fisher's smile in my mind: Fisher and I and five other brothers, the cancellation of the Chiacago Plan in Chicago since 1933. Part of the reserve system, and the use of the 100% reserve bank reform system, there is no regret in the last century. […]

Silicon Valley vs Wall Street: Libra is just the beginning of a long bloody battle

Ma Yun once said: "If the bank does not change, we will change the bank." In fact, in the past few decades, the technology industry has been researching and analyzing the lack of technological progress and inefficiency in the financial industry, and has led to the emergence of a new industry new word, “FinTech”. Financial […]

Interpretation of Libra: A revolution covering 2.7 billion people? Still a whimsical girl

On June 21st, the Carbon Chain Value and the Endless Community launched a new “Carbon Chain Consensus Dialogue”. We invited the once-popular article “Wanzi tells Facebook digital currency: origin, meaning and consequences” by Meng Yan, Dots Institutional investor community CEO Zheng Di, dForce founder Yang Mindao, Maker China district head Pan Chao and Guosheng blockchain […]

Jingwei Ventures: We have compiled 12 questions about Facebook and his Libra

The previous saying was "The Internet is omnipotent, it can subvert everything" – but except for banks. The system of foundation, efficiency, innovation, security and credit of the banking system seems to be one of the few, and it is difficult to rely on the higher-level organizational model of the Internet to easily subvert. But […]

Talking about Huo Ju, Mikko, Katt | Facebook Libra's original sin

Founder of Jade BES (Blockchain Economics Studio), the public sponsor of the Zen and Universe Maintenance Art. Mikko currency scholar, founder of Huo Ju PressOne CTO, the author of the public number "Theory of Fallacy." Katt UIUC, Ph.D., Ph.D. in Information Science (running); unemployed, who has a dragon slaughter; and author of the anti-996 […]

Gu Yanxi: Libra Association will invite WeChat payment and Alipay to join

All of the analysis of the Facebook Stabilization Coin project to date has underestimated the role and value of the Libra Association in this project. I think this association is the biggest highlight of this project. The project's highlights in this underlying technology, currency generation mechanism, and potential user base are far less than the […]

What is the stunner of the HotStuff algorithm used by Facebook Libra?

Chain Wen interviewed Yin Maofeng, the first author of the paper. The Libra white paper recently published by Facebook has attracted continuous attention from all walks of life, and the technical documents published on its website have also been reviewed by many experts. The document mentions that the Libra blockchain will use the "LibraBFT" consensus […]

Three serious naive myths of Facebook coins

The term "innocent myth" means that some popular prevailing views are wrong and more out of reality. Here are three serious naive myths about Facebook coins, including misunderstandings from the media, analysts' analysis, and the Libra white paper itself. ❌Libra is a stable currency anchoring a basket of currencies ❌Facebook will become the global digital […]

Dialogue with Meng Yan: Facebook sets off a wave of digital currencies

Summary On June 18th, the global Internet leader Facebook and 28 institutions released the Libra white paper on cryptocurrency, and proposed to create a “digital low-volatility, low-inflation, globally-available digital currency”. Libra hopes to stabilize by collateralizing a variety of low-volatility assets such as central bank cash and government bonds. Will this behavior challenge the global […]

Babbitt’s column explains Libra through Alipay.

These days, Libra, the virtual currency issued by Facebook, is in full swing. The domestic virtual currency market is very large and there are many people concerned. Especially the international companies with such big names as Facebook have also issued coins, which can not help but make people curious. Want to understand Libra released by […]