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Babbitt column 丨 Facebook's ambition

After reading the Libra technical documentation, it feels more like an RFC document. Maybe some friends don't know what RFC means. The Chinese meaning of RFC is "request for comment." For example, before the standard of the Internet is released, all the contents of the standard will be disclosed, and people from all over the […]

The birth of Libra: The short-term benefits have been exhausted, what should I do with the currency payment project?

Text | Carol Edit | Tong Source | Facebook wants to send coins, the name of the coin is Libra. Recently, at home and abroad, outside the circle, all media of all sizes have focused on this big event. On June 18th, the Internet giant Facebook, with 2.7 billion users worldwide, officially announced the […]

Babbitt column 丨Chen Zhiwei: Libra technical papers make people feel full of sincerity

We were the first to send Libra technical papers to the Gemlink blockchain group. The next morning, we saw someone translating the paper. After a cursory reading, there are only two words "sweat". The mistakes are all out, actually translating the transaction into things, obviously machine translation. Of course, it also reflects the lack of […]

Facebook's "currency" A-share blockchain concept stocks are all red and questioning Libra's risk

On June 18th, Facebook's long-established cryptocurrency project Libra white paper was released, and plans to launch the cryptocurrency Libra in 2020, which means that Facebook, with 2.6 billion active users, officially entered the currency circle, and social media giants joined. The coin circle is boiling. It is interesting to note that on Facebook's “currency” news, […]

Libra: The ambition of the social empire Facebook

Author: Xu Siyan (Tencent Research Institute Senior Fellow), for suit (Tencent Research Institute Research Assistant) On the afternoon of June 18, 2019, Beijing time, Facebook, the world's largest social networking platform, officially released Libra, a blockchain platform that provides simple and borderless digital cryptocurrency and financial infrastructure services to billions of people around the world. […]

How to successfully reach the hot spot of libra and create an atmosphere that I know very well

Give me liberty , or give me death. Tomorrow's weekend, the holiday is finally here. After a week of busy work, are you eating and drinking with your friends, what are you doing? However, have you considered that in the process of chatting, there may be an insurmountable topic, Libra. Since the release of Libra's […]

Libra is just out of the white paper. The Digital Money Institute of the People’s Bank of China has already made a pilot project.

Text | Mutual Chain Pulse Commentator · Yuan Shang When I look back, the man is in a dim light. After Facebook-led Libra released the digital currency white paper, its attention has broken through the blockchain field and burned into many fields such as economy, finance, technology, and politics. In Ma Huateng's view, this is […]

The history book says that the starting point of cyberpunk is Facebook

The discussion caused by Facebook's currency, as well as the disputes and ideological disputes represented by the discussion, have far exceeded the fun of the event itself. [1] 1 A few years later, people remembered the afternoon when Facebook published the white paper, and would not forget the fear of being dominated by the overbearing […]

Babbitt column | Cai Weide: Facebook currency brings new currency competition?

First, the background On June 18, 2019, Facebook published a white paper on stable coins. One stone has stirred up thousands of waves. This move has sparked heated debates from all over the world. From government bureaucracies to street corners, there are support and opposition. Here, we will discuss the views of major European and […]

Getting started with the Facebook Move programming language

One of the technical highlights of the Facebook blockchain project Libra is that it uses a new programming language called Move, so what is the language? Today we start with its official overview and get a close look at this. A new language. The following is a translation: Move is a new programming language that […]