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Brief introduction of LibraBFT algorithm

Since I am determined to expand my popularity, I have to occasionally pick up hot spots. Just before I have already told many people about Hotstuff, I also introduced BFT in the previous column, so I can just talk about LibraBFT. First of all, people who are not familiar with BFT can check out my […]

Analysis: Libra's imagination and realistic resistance from the core mechanism

The OK Research team conducts long-term follow-up on Libra's official developments, researches Libra white papers and conducts technical testing of Libra Network, comprehensively interprets Libra's core mechanisms and key innovations, and analyzes Libra's impact, development opportunities and resistance.   01 LibraNetwork's underlying technology – better balance of transaction performance and openness LibraNetwork, the underlying system […]

Libra Move hardcore interpretation

Facebook recently published the alliance chain project Libra, the biggest highlight of which is the Move language. Below we will interpret the white paper "Move: A Language With Programmable Resources" from a technical perspective for your reference. For the sake of understanding, we use Bitcoin, Ethereum and Libra to make a comparison. Programmable currency, programmable […]

Facebook veteran interprets Libra, how does the blockchain realize Zuckerberg’s unfinished payment dream?

On June 20th, at Cobo's event, Cobo co-founder, former Facebook senior research scientist Jiang Changhao, founder of Linear Capital, and Wang Huai, the second Chinese engineer with the best-selling book "Building Facebook", and Sophon Tech founder and Facebook star employee Yu Chao, read Libra from Facebook's encrypted digital currency program from an internal perspective. Recalling […]

Chang Yong: Facebook's Libra is an important innovation but the future is unknown

Guide: Facebook issued a new cryptocurrency Libra caused a strong global concern, based on the understanding of the cryptocurrency and recent discussions, make the following comments: 1. Libra is the result of the evolution of cryptocurrency From bitcoin to competitive coins, to Token, to USDT, to Libra, it is a profit-driven, spontaneous process that provides […]

What do you say about Libra, Facebook “grandfather”?

On June 18th, US social media giant Facebook officially released its cryptographic digital currency project, Libra's white paper, which triggered widespread industry attention and discussion. Regarding the Libra project, we invited three early Facebook senior staff to conduct in-depth discussions and exchanges on Libra's challenges and development opportunities. The three guests of this dialogue are: […]

48 hours after Facebook sends the currency

This seems to make the cheers, ridicule, criticism, warnings, and hotspots of the stakeholders within 48 hours of the carnival, but cannot ignore it. Two days later, there is only one thing in the currency circle: Facebook has issued coins. On June 18th, a Libra white paper on Facebook's cryptocurrency was launched on schedule, attracting […]

Research Report | 360-degree explanation of Libra's mechanism, path and impact

This article produced by the Institute of Fire currency block chain, this report Published June 20, 2019, Author: Yuan Yuming, Rui, Hu Zhiwei Summary On June 18th, the Libra project white paper and test network were officially released. Libra is a borderless digital stable currency that is positioned by users to be managed and distributed […]

Libra's revelation: China should guide technology enterprises to explore technological innovation and application in blockchain

Inter-Chain Pulse Press: After Facebook-led Libra released a white paper based on blockchain-based stable currency, the CCID think tank, which is directly under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for the purpose of “government-oriented, service decision-making”, can publish the research on the incident and Suggest. CCID thinks that in the long run, this event […]

Bitcoin new era! Bloomberg and other 20 top media reviews Facebook cryptocurrency Libra

Facebook will inject new energy into the encryption industry, bringing talent, attention and money. Money does not equal success, but it increases the chances of success. This article is intended to convey more market information and does not constitute any investment advice. One day, Facebook is on the headlines of global business media. The newly […]