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Facebook's "currency" A-share blockchain concept stocks are red and multi-party questioning Libra is a big risk

On June 18th, Facebook's long-established cryptocurrency project Libra white paper was released, and plans to launch the cryptocurrency Libra in 2020, which means that Facebook, with 2.6 billion active users, officially entered the currency circle, and social media giants joined. The coin circle is boiling. It is interesting to note that on Facebook's “currency” news, […]

Facebook currency, Libra can be converted into super sovereign currency?

Guide On the afternoon of June 18th, Beijing time, the Libra white paper was published on its official website. What is Libra? What can Libra do? What can Libra do? What is the future of Libra? Summary What is Libra? Libra is linked to a basket of bank deposits and short-term government bonds, which is […]

The US Senate Banking Committee will hold a hearing on the cryptocurrency project Libra in the middle of next month.

According to the economic news website MarketWatch reported on June 19, the US Senate Banking Committee will hold a hearing on Facebook on July 16 for Facebook's cryptocurrency project Libra. Image source: visualhunt On June 18th, social media giant Facebook released a white paper on Libra. The stable currency, called Libra, will operate on the […]

Federal Reserve Chairman: Don't worry about the cryptocurrency Libra will replace legal tender

According to CCN, Fed officials and Facebook discussed the Libra project. Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell said at a press conference on June 19 that the Fed is not worried that Libra, the cryptocurrency, will replace fiat money. He said: Digital currency is in its infancy and there is still a long way to go. […]

Bison Trails: Why do we spend $10 million to become a Libra node?

Of the 29 companies that have partnered with Facebook Libra this week, there are four relatively small blockchain companies. One of them is Bison Trails, an infrastructure provider for several protocols and blockchains in the cryptocurrency space. Facebook contacted the company in early 2019 to ask if it could help build a set of scalable […]

Facebook Libra Blockchain Technology White Paper (Chinese version)

Libra blockchain White Paper: Zachary Amsden, Ramnik Arora, Shehar Bano, Mathieu Baudet, Sam Blackshear, Abhay Bothra, George Cabrera, Christian Catalini, Konstantinos Chalkias, Evan Cheng, Avery Ching, Andrey Chursin, George Danezis, Gerardo Di Giacomo, David L. Dill , Hui Ding, Nick Doudchenko, Victor Gao, Zhenhuan Gao, François Garillot, Michael Gorven, Philip Hayes, J. Mark Hou, Yuxuan […]

The soul tortured Facebook, and the ending of Libra in the eyes of the encryption circle is like this. 丨SheKnows deep analysis Libra

This year's 618, Facebook launched a global marketing, released a white paper on the cryptocurrency project Libra. Libra has not only become the largest discussion in the history of the cryptocurrency community, but it has also attracted the “crackdown” that almost coincides with the regulatory agencies from the United States to Europe. 619, the Babbitt […]

Six key issues in front of Facebook and Libra

Summary Yesterday we commented on the Facebook issue of the coin, and some of the details involved in it were raised in the conference call. We will now summarize more and discuss this and welcome more in-depth discussions. Event : Libra, led by Facebook and co-sponsored by 28 global industry giants, has published its white […]

Facebook encryption project Libra is just around the corner? Need to cross 3 mountains

Facebook officially released the Libra white paper yesterday, and the rumored Facebook cryptocurrency project was finally announced. This is a controversial project: analysts at Wall Street financial institutions, including JP Morgan Chase, RBC, and SunTrust, have all praised the Libra project. The beautiful rising curve also indicates market recognition. Or a group of legislators in […]

Coin Security Institute: Analyze the long-awaited stable currency Libra

What is the important impact of Facebook's entry into the cryptocurrency sector? Key points 1. Libra is a cryptocurrency coined on the Libra Network, a blockchain developed by a Swiss-based and Facebook-led alliance. 2. The cryptocurrency will be supported by a package of financial assets (Libra Reserve) provided by the node operator. Libra plans to […]