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Interpreting Facebook's encryption stable currency Libra, this article is enough.

On the afternoon of June 18th, Beijing time, the official Libra website of Facebook's global digital cryptocurrency was officially launched, and the Libra Stabilization White Paper has also been released. According to official sources, the emergence of Libra Stabilization Coin will serve as a simple global monetary and financial infrastructure that benefits billions of people. […]

Thunder is loud, rain is small, Facebook is so currency

The 2.7 billion users expect the Facebook currency to be late, but can you make you excited? Facebook today published a 29-page white paper on the agreement behind his support for the global currency and his goals: Decentralized, programmable database to support small fluctuations in cryptocurrency (stable currency). Excited? In order to achieve his decentralization, […]

Interpretation of the White Paper in Facebook: Top 10 Highlights of the Top 10, Sword Refers to Inclusive Finance

In the industry's eager anticipation, Facebook's blockchain and cryptocurrency plans are finally officially announced. In today's Libra white paper, we can see that the biggest difference from the previous industry forecast is that Facebook's blockchain focus is not privacy construction, not international payment, but a more ambitious “inclusive finance” plan . “Libra's mission is to […]

Babbitt column | The next global Internet central bank? ——On Facebook’s release of digital currency white paper

On June 18th, the Facebook digital currency project Libra white paper was officially released, which caused an uproar in the blockchain, digital currency, Internet and traditional finance industries. The current Facebook market value is about $539.5 billion, while the global digital currency has a market capitalization of about $286.7 billion. Facebook's global active users are […]

The back of the Facebook Stabilization Coin program is actually Ruibo?

As early as April of this year, in a tweet released by Ruibo, there was a clue, which is why people don’t think about it. Last week, Facebook announced the Blockchain Stabilization Coin Program, which will issue the stable currency Libra, which is supported by seven well-known companies including MasterCard, Visa and Paypal. Even Uber, […]

Facebook cryptocurrency project Libra Chinese white paper (full text attached download)

Babbitt News, Facebook's cryptocurrency project Libra official website has been launched, the project introduction white paper was officially released. The full text of the white paper is as follows Learn about Libra Libra's mission is to create a simple, borderless currency and financial infrastructure that serves billions of people. This white paper outlines our efforts […]

Wang Yongli: Is Facebook's cryptocurrency really so god?

In recent days, there has been a lot of information about Facebook (FB) launching its own cryptocurrency in the first quarter of 2020, such as "Facebook cryptocurrency will have a huge impact on the existing financial system", "FB digital currency partner complete The list of exposures includes 25 (most recognizable) companies in eight sectors (especially […]

Babbitt Column | Facebook Digital Currency: Origin, Meaning and Consequences (4D Long Text)

On June 18th, Facebook's Swiss subsidiary Libra Network (Libra Network) will release its white paper on encrypted digital currency projects. Previously, the BBC reported that this digital currency is called GlobalCoin, and the translation is "global currency." However, it was later reported that GlobalCoin is only an internal nickname for its employees. The official name […]

Foreign media: Facebook is expected to release Libra blockchain test network on June 18th

According to The Block, Facebook's highly anticipated cryptocurrency project Libra blockchain is expected to release test networks and open source on June 18 (Tuesday). At the same time, the Libra Association, founded by Facebook and its dozens of partners, will also be officially unveiled. The association will be responsible for the supervision and management of […]

Facebook encryption program Libra lacks blockchain spirit, progress will be delayed

The much-anticipated Facebook cryptocurrency project Libra may face major obstacles. Although there are reports that Facebook announced its new cryptocurrency on April 18th, according to Coindesk's informed sources, libra's progress has been delayed, and there is still a long way to go before the software can be used. The delay is because blockchain industry insiders […]