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Introduction to Blockchain 丨 Analysis of the methods and advantages and disadvantages of physical asset chaining

Author: Yan Production: Vernacular Blockchain (ID: hellobtc) The decentralized ledger of the blockchain means that anyone can conduct transactions in a trusted network while making sure that their assets are safe. Although so far, blockchain is still largely limited to digital assets. However, there have been heated discussions on how to chain physical assets. Today […]

Monthly Report | Blockchain policy released in November, supervision and support

Text: Interchain Pulse · King Go Source: Interchain Pulse In November after the "1025 New Deal", the amount of policy information on domestic blockchain support and blockchain supervision both increased significantly, and the total amount of blockchain policy information increased by 140%. And the announcement of policy information is in a state of national linkage. […]

SheKnows 丨 Where is the public chain application breaking out?

From the birth of Bitcoin, to the emergence of smart contracts, to the cross-chain cross-chain, public chains have led almost every major technological innovation. However, from the TPS competition, to the Dapp ecological competition, and then to the beachfront DeFi, the road to public landing has never been smooth. At the same time, major manufacturers […]

Why does the lottery industry in the artificial age urgently need blockchain transformation?

Author: Ha World Technology Source: Chain News Lottery + blockchain is a new direction for the combined development of industries. In recent years, with the development of blockchain technology and the pain points of the lottery industry, the use of blockchain to empower the lottery industry has begun to enter the mainstream. As a new […]

EU issues stablecoin ban: Risks cleared before any "global stablecoin" allowed to operate in the EU

Compilation: Youyou Finance-Trail Source: consilium Yesterday (December 5), the Council of the European Union and the European Commission issued a joint statement stating that until "the risks caused by stable currencies against currency sovereignty" have been resolved, no Allow any "global stablecoin" to operate within the EU. European Union authorities point out that the Board […]

One article takes you to understand the current status of the DAPP market

DAPP is the abbreviation of "distributed APP" in Chinese for distributed applications, or it can also be called decentralized APP. In the Internet era, the traditional APP background code runs on a centralized server, and the DAPP overlaps the code. We are more accustomed to calling these codes as smart tokens, which run in a […]

The growth mode of capitalism destroys the ecological environment? Talking about the circular economy under the blockchain

Author: IPFS Force area Taosheng Shi Source: IPFS Force Zone Things that already exist will come later; What has been done will be done later. There is nothing new under the sun. Is there one thing that can point to saying this is new? Who knows, it's already been in our previous generations. No one […]

How does the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) decentralize the network?

Source: Author: Andrew Braun Translation: Interstellar Suppose you are downloading the latest memes and you patiently wait for the download to complete. Memes are of course fire, so you send a link to your friends. They get the files from your phone and start sharing with friends. At this point, memes exist on dozens […]

The whale moves frequently, this new block actually holds 900,000 bitcoins, which is equivalent to Satoshi's bitcoin holdings

Over the past day, bitcoin whale activity has intensified, with amazingly large transactions on the blockchain. But a particular block stands out. Image source: Pixabay One block contains 5% of almost all Bitcoin At block height 606,641, the transactions contained in this 10-minute window totaled 903,592.118 Bitcoins. This amount is equivalent to nearly 5% of […]

Bitcoin network sets another record: on-chain transaction volume exceeds $ 8.9 billion in 1 hour

According to foreign media reports on December 6, the latest data show that the bitcoin network's hourly US dollar transaction volume has set a historical record. (Image source: pxfuel ) On December 5, for the first time in the history of the Bitcoin blockchain, $ 8.9 billion of on-chain transactions were processed in one hour. […]