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Is the multi-asset support setup a failure? Swiss president thinks Libra needs "rework"

The Swiss President said that the current form of the Facebook Libra project is unsuccessful and requires "reprocessing" to get approval. Switzerland is the headquarters of the Libra Association, which needs to be recognized by the regulators here. The Swiss Finance Minister and outgoing President Ueli Maurer told local media: "I don't think (the current […]

Top 10 keywords for blockchain 2019: Libra, DC / EP, 10.24 speech, IEO in the list

There are too many hot events in the blockchain field in 2019. When each hot event occurs, the entire industry will generally overestimate the impact of the event, but when we review the 2019 of the blockchain, we will find that it can really There are not many events with far-reaching consequences. After sorting out […]

Researcher's point of view: Will Libra affect the Chinese version of digital currency?

Author: Yangxiao Chen, Zhang Ming Source: Chief Economist Forum Editor's Note: The original title was "Yang Xiaochen, Zhang Ming: Will Libra Affect the Chinese Digital Currency? 》 Since its inception, Libra has stated that it is committed to advancing inclusive finance. This reason seems to resonate easily in today's world. In addition, a basket of […]

Analysis: Why pay attention to the challenge of stable currency to sovereign currency?

Recently, Chen Yulu, deputy governor of the People's Bank of China, said that more and more central banks and monetary authorities have started to pay attention to the challenges of public policies such as currency stability, capital control, and payment system supervision. European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde expressed similar concerns in a recent letter […]

Digital currency silent smoke: Alipay RMB and Libra USD

Figure 1 European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde stated in a reply to the European Parliament: The goal of stablecoin programs such as Libra is to address the deficiencies in cross-border payments by establishing a new and independent payment ecosystem that does not rely on existing clearing and settlement […]

Nanfengfen: Is there any play for digital currency to replace sovereign currency?

Source: Nanfeng Window Original title: Is digital currency a substitute for sovereign currency? Author: Shanghai International Economic Exchange Center and vice president Xu chess On August 27, 2019, Carney, Governor of the Bank of England and Chairman of the International Financial Stability Council, proposed at the Global Central Bank Governors Meeting held by the Federal […]

Babbitt column 丨 Gu Yanxi: Libra's impact on the global financial industry from three basic judgments

Originally published in: Dongcai Magazine Abstract: Analyzing the impact of Libra on the financial industry is actually analyzing the impact of blockchain technology on the financial industry. For practitioners in the financial industry, only by recognizing the impact of blockchain technology in all aspects, can they make correct decisions and grasp the huge opportunities brought […]

Discussion: Impact of Digital Currency on Financial Accounting and Policy Suggestions

Author: Cheng Lily (People's Bank of China Guangzhou Branch) Source: China Finance Issue 24, 2019 Editor's Note: The original title was: "China Finance" | The Impact of Digital Currency on Financial Accounting Introduction: Digital currency will bring a series of urgently needed accounting problems to both the central bank as the issuer and financial institutions […]

Libra Core releases roadmap # 2, defines mainnet launch standards

At a glance In Roadmap # 2, we will focus on three things: 1) provide the mainnet function in order of priority; 2) define the launch criteria from Libra pre-mainnet to mainnet 3) Educate and embrace the Libra community so that they can become valuable contributors to the Libra project. Mainnet function works Libra pre-mainnet […]

Libra Association releases second edition of Libra Core roadmap goal to attract 100 members to join

This week, the Libra Association officially released the second version of the Libra Core roadmap that supports the Libra network. As part of the Libra roadmap, developers will focus on three areas, including delivering mainnet functions in order of priority, defining launch standards from Libra preparatory mainnet to mainnet, and making the Libra community valuable […]