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Viewpoint | Lightning loan risk may be higher than expected, security is a problem that DeFi boom must solve

For Ethereum, the world's second largest cryptocurrency, finance seems to be its most important use case. Decentralized finance (DeFi) supported by the Ethereum smart contract blockchain can provide valuable benefits to those who currently cannot use traditional forms of finance. However, the topic of DeFi continues to be controversial due to doubts about the degree […]

In-depth research 丨 Lightning attacks in efficient markets

FlashLoan (Lightning Loan) was born as early as the original MakerDAO, and launched late, and once the series of chain innovation brought by the force will lead the entire DeFi industry to a new level of development. In a short period of one or two years, the on-chain financial system has initially possessed a modern […]

What is a block of credit? Speaking from Lightning Loan

Author: NEST lovers – nine chapters Heaven The anonymous nature of the blockchain makes the concept of "credit" superfluous. All loans and leverage on the chain need to be fully mortgaged. Even if someone else finds another way, hoping to establish a weak credit through some "identity" asset, but that It is also essentially a […]

Depth | A Comprehensive Interpretation of Lightning Loans: Why Will Lightning Attacks Become the New Normal?

Source: Chain News Author: Haseeb Qureshi, Managing Partner of Dragonfly Capital, a cryptocurrency venture capital firm Lightning loans have recently become a hot topic. Two hackers used lightning loans to attack the margin trading agreement bZx . The first arbitrage amount was US $ 350,000 , and then they carried out a pirated attack of […]

Front Running: The Achilles heel of decentralized trading

Written by: Li Hua Source: Chain News Acknowledgements: Guo Yu, Sun Zhipeng, Wu Weilong, Anxiety Research Institute In "Edge of Tomorrow", various human tactics are ineffective against invading aliens, because once this tactic takes effect, after the aliens are killed, the time will be returned to the time before the battle. Do it again. In […]

MakerDao urgent vote to prevent governance attacks, this crisis may be related to the life and death of DeFi

The surprise that the lightning loan brought to people at first has gradually turned into fear. This disruptive innovation has opened the Pandora's box of DeFi. After two consecutive attacks on the DeFi protocol bZx this week, a total of 3,571 ETH (nearly $ 900,000) assets were lost, and yesterday, the article " Stealing All […]

Lightning Loan: New DeFi Project Gameplay, How to Attack MakerDao for $ 700 Million

Source | Author | Dominik Harz Compilation | First Class-Mark Without delay in introducing a new governance contract, you risk stealing all of Maker's collateral ($ 700 million) and using Lightning Loans to issue any number of Dais. Anyone can perform the attack, paying only transaction fees (a few dollars) without having to hold […]

Viewpoint | Re-understanding Flash Lending, Blockchain Has Arrived In A New Phase Of Crypto Finance

Foreword: In the past few days, the bZx incident has caused widespread concern in the crypto circle . The reason why hackers can "attack" successfully, in addition to manipulating prices, is the most effective use of flash loans. So what is a flash loan? Why a transaction can earn a profit of 360,000 US dollars […]

Lightning loan: what can an Ethereum transaction do?

Translator & Author: A Jian Source: Ethereum enthusiasts Flashloans, the new invention of magical internet currency The chain has always claimed to change the financial industry, and recently it has finally begun to show signs because young bankers have formed alliances with technical staff. The latest method is called "flash loan", that is, you can […]

Vitalik: Uniswap v2 Price Predictor Can Withstand Lightning Loan Attacks

Recently, after the bZx attack , the discussion about "oracles", "lightning loans" and "management keys" has become more and more, and the DeFi ecosystem is experiencing a short period of pain. In this regard, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin also had to stand up and maintain stability. He retweeted a tweet from Uniswap founder Hayden Adams […]