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The number of BTC in the lightning network hit a new high of 9 months, and the throughput is faster than Alipay. Will it completely solve the bull market congestion?

7 transactions per second, the transfer confirmation time is 1 hour, and a transfer fee of 360 US dollars is the "network performance" of Bitcoin. Compared to Alipay ’s 250,000 transactions per second and zero handling fees, Bitcoin pales in comparison. The high transfer fee and long confirmation time have become the fundamental obstacles to […]

Why are derivatives of the Lightning Network important?

Source: LongHash Editor's note: The original title was "Why are derivatives of the Lightning Network important?" ". This article has been deleted without changing the author's original intention. The Lightning Network can help Bitcoin expand by processing more payments in a fast, cheap, and reliable way. But developers are working hard to make this payment […]

Bitcoin Technology Weekly 丨 Lightning Network usher in a major update, the 0.168 BTC channel limit will disappear

Note: The original text is from Bitcoin Optech In this week's Bitcoin technical briefing, we first introduced the research work of simplifying ECDSA adapter signatures (adaptor signatures), then summarized the discussion content of the regular Bitcoin Core PR review club, and finally, we will also introduce the three major customers of the lightning network The […]

939.1 BTC! The number of BTC locked in the Bitcoin Lightning Network hits a 9-month high

Bitcoin is the undisputed leader in the field of cryptocurrency. However, the world's largest cryptocurrency is still in development. In order to solve some problems in the Bitcoin network, many developers have made many attempts and tests, one of the most popular solutions is the Lightning Network (Lightning Network), the protocol is considered to be […]

Lightning Labs launches digital authentication method based on Lightning Network, users do not need to enter a password to log in

Decrypt reported on March 31 that Lightning Labs' new protocol standard LSAT will use Lightning Network payment stubs instead of usernames and passwords. Imagine that you can log in to any website you like without entering your email, username or password. You do n’t even need to enter your personal information. You only need to […]

Bitcoin Liquid sidechain exceeds public Lightning Network channels in the number of BTC held

Source of this article: LongHash blockchain information Author: Kyle Torpey The Lightning Network is probably the most publicized of the projects to improve the Bitcoin network. This second-layer protocol built using Bitcoin smart contracts enables faster and cheaper payments because transactions no longer have to be recorded on the slow and expensive Bitcoin mainnet. Although […]

Lightning Network's "Big Three" Gathering for the First Time, Deciphering the Future of Lightning Network and the Crypto Market

What is the hottest technology in the blockchain field in 2019? The Lightning Network has definitely become the answer in the hearts of many people, and the worldwide popular "Lightning Torch" relay has greatly promoted and popularized this emerging technology. Lightning network technology is also considered to be an important part of the large-scale adoption […]

Dex Sparkswap, the first Lightning Network, is announced to close, and the team switches to FinTech

Sparkswap is a decentralized exchange that received $ 3.5 million from Pantera Capital, Initialized Capital and other institutions. The exchange announced Tuesday that it will close. Sparkswap founder Trey Griffith detailed the reason in a blog post, saying that the number of users is not enough to keep the company going. "Unfortunately, we cannot build […]

Views | Can Lightning Network stand out in the payment field of the Bitcoin chain?

As a currency that can be used for cash, three basic conditions must be met. It should play the role of medium of exchange, means of value storage and unit of account. Bitcoin has not fully achieved all of these goals, which more or less explains why it has not been as widely adopted as […]

Breaking the Impossible Triangle of the Blockchain (6)-Blowing a Whistle on the Activity of the Blockchain

Author: maxdeath, Click "breakthrough Block Chaining impossible triangle" series Finally, we return to the "security" quoted in the previous article, because there happened to be such a paper on the security of Lightning Network recently: , and we take this Let's talk about the off-chain technology and the security of the blockchain. Lightning network […]