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Blockchain weekly developments of listed companies (2.10-2.14): 5 companies have made progress

Interchain Pulse Statistics A total of 5 listed companies disclosed 6 blockchain business trends this week. The main area is also investment. Among them, Zhongzhuang Construction has disclosed two blockchain-related company developments this week: on the one hand, its established subsidiaries will build intelligent cloud service platforms in areas such as blockchain finance; on the […]

Weekly development of industrial blockchain 丨 Anti-epidemic prevention, although the blockchain is late, it is not absent

Although epidemic prevention and epidemic prevention is still the top priority of the current government and enterprises, the progress of the industrial blockchain has not stalled. In terms of policies, the State Council and local governments have promulgated multiple blockchain policies. The blockchain was first written into the Central No. 1 document, which is of […]

Zhongxiang Internet won the A + round investment of listed company Jihong, with a valuation of 105 million yuan after the investment

Industrial blockchain continues to be sought after by capital. On the evening of January 19, Xiamen Jihong Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Jihong Share") issued an announcement saying that the company's wholly-owned subsidiary, Shenzhen Jichain Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shenzhen Jichain") On June 16th, Beijing Zhongxiangbit Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter […]

Listed company's blockchain business dynamics: 7 companies disclosed blockchain dynamics, and 5 new entrants

Text: Interchain Pulse Mutual Chain Pulse Statistics This week, the blockchain business dynamics of listed companies, a total of 7 companies such as Digital Government, Anzhizhidian, and Sanobes have disclosed related business. Among them, Digital Government established the Blockchain Research Institute; Fubon Co., Ltd. established the Big Data Research Institute, and its research directions include […]

Looking at the 2019 blockchain from the industrial and commercial information: the number of registrations dropped by 20% from the previous month. Many state-owned enterprises and listed companies incorporated the blockchain into their business scope.

Text: Interchain Pulse · King Go Source: Interchain Pulse Reprinted without authorization! Changes in the times are recorded by individuals, and changes in the industry can often be detected through the development of enterprises. As of now, according to the company's investigation data, there are a total of 32,736 companies in the country that have […]

Blockchain Concepts 2019: restlessness and embarrassment

Original: Hu Tao Source: Chain Catcher In this year's blockchain industry, the turmoil in the cryptocurrency market has continued to stagnate by the end of the year, but for the blockchain concept stocks in the secondary market, they have been widely sought after by investors after being stimulated by turns. The entire industry Experienced at […]

The first block chain index sample stocks are fine: 80% of private enterprises, the supervision of named companies shortlisted

Beijing News reporter Xiao Wei, Zhang Yan, Yan Xia Source: Beijing News The blockchain that was promoted to buzzwords in 2019 has once again set off a wave of popularity in the public eye at the end of the year. A few days ago, the first blockchain index of the two cities, the Shenzhen Stock […]

Babbitt original 丨 First time! Shenzhen Stock Exchange released the Blockchain 50 Index, the total market value of constituent stocks is 1.3 trillion

On December 24, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Securities Information Co., Ltd. released the Shenzhen Stock Exchange 50 Index (index code: 399286) to reflect the performance of the Shenzhen Stock Market Blockchain Industry-related companies and enrich their indexed investment tools. The base point of the index is 1000 points, the opening point on the […]

Atlas of Chinese Blockchain Listed Companies (2019)

Author: Lin Zeling This report was jointly released by Null One Think Tank & Digital Asset Research Institute. According to the statistics of the Zero One Think Tank, 215 blockchain concept stocks are distributed in the five cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, with 43 in Beijing, 40 in Shenzhen, 13 in Hangzhou, […]

Industry Blockchain Weekly: Banks Take the Lead, Hainan's Policies Are Most Aggressive

This week's weekly development of the industry blockchain is presented from three dimensions: application landing, industrial policy, and listed company dynamics. In the application landing, bank data is eye-catching. Only the cross-border financial blockchain service platform in which China Banknotes Credit Card participated in lending funds exceeded 66 billion yuan. In terms of industrial policies, […]