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Babbitt site 丨 Chinese and American listed companies discuss the blockchain, when will the industry usher in a novelty?

On the evening of October 25, with the spread of the eighteenth collective learning on the current status and trends of the development of blockchain technology by the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, the blockchain quickly became a star in the capital market. The number of A-share blockchain concept stocks doubled overnight, soaring […]

Inventory: 11 blockchain listed companies 蹭 hot spots were inquired, business is still in the exploration stage

Wen | Zhou Wenyi Editor | Bi Yi Tong Source | PANews In late October, the blockchain attracted the enthusiasm. More than 100 blockchain concept stocks in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets skyrocketed and set off a daily frenzy in the two cities. On October 28, according to China Securities Journal, 155 of the […]

We analyzed the 3000 blockchain issues that investors put forward to listed companies and came to these conclusions.

Text: Interlink Pulse Editor Source: Interchain Pulse Editor's Note: After the original title of "1024 Conference", we analyzed the 3,000 blockchain issues that investors have proposed to listed companies. The blockchain is the first to be the traditional capital market. After the "1024 meeting", the olfactory capital in the stock market to find the target, […]

The blockchain concept shares are divided, and the new landing company becomes a new favorite.

Text: Mutual chain pulse · Golden car Source: Interchain Pulse On November 1, around 11 noon, Huayang Lianzhong pulled up the board and the stock price was 13.33 yuan. At a time when blockchain concept stocks have mostly cooled down, this rise is due to the fact that Huayang Lianzhong has teamed up with the […]

The number of down-limit stocks exceeds the daily limit, from scrambling to “chain” to busy warning risk

Author: Xing Meng Source: Securities Daily Recently, the capital market blockchain sector was reversed. On October 28, over 100 stocks went up; on the 29th, the daily limit stocks fell to more than 20; the 30-day ups and downs were reversed, and the daily limit was less than double digits, which was not comparable to […]

Who will continue to close the daily limit tomorrow? Blockchain, ultimately see which listed companies are running longer

Author: Qu Hongyan Source: Shanghai Securities News There is no suspense, blockchain has become the strongest market in today's A-share market, and hundreds of stocks have daily limit. At the close, the company's shares of Fuguang shares rose 20%, 2,345, 恺英网络, Guangbo, Jinglan Technology, Culture Great Wall, Meiyingsen, Alloy Investment, Zhongyuan, Xinhu Zhongbao, Gao Weida […]

A picture to understand: blockchain listed companies are all sorted out

Author: Guosheng block chain Academy Source: Ji Shi Communication

Observation | More than 100 blockchain concept stocks: Who really has technology who just creates concepts

Text | Interchain pulse On Friday night, the blockchain sector ushered in a major positive. The overseas blockchain concept stocks have taken the lead, and Thunder has soared 107.8%, driving the Chinese stocks to rise. On the A-share investor interaction platform, there were at least 460 blockchain-related issues in two days. Basically, "Is it involved […]

Digital currency of Chinese listed companies (middle)

Author: The number of chain team rating Source: Number Chain Rating ShulianRatings At present, digital currency concept stocks are very hot. In the digital currency of China's listed companies, Jianghu (top) mentioned that many concept stocks have a “super market”, and Keda shares have achieved 4 consecutive boards, Jinguan shares have 5 days and 4 […]

The digital currency of Chinese listed companies (I)

Author: The number of chain team rating Source: Number Chain Rating ShulianRatings Investing in digital currency concept stocks, with a monthly income of 16%, is it going crazy? Still starting the wind? Straight Flush was launched on September 18, 2019, in the digital currency sector (885866). Currently, there are 20 concept stocks. In the past […]