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Follow BCH, Litecoin's founder suggests that miners voluntarily donate 1% of block rewards

According to Cointelegraph reported on January 26, Litecoin founder Charlie Lee proposes to use mining pool donations as a new way to finance cryptocurrency development. (Image source: pixabay ) On January 24, Charlie tweeted: Voluntary donation of some block rewards by mining pools should be a good way to help foundations finance. What about letting […]

Twitter Picks | Follow BCH? Li Qiwei proposes that miners donate 1% of block rewards to support Litecoin development

1.High-profile Bitcoin update Schnorr / Taproot proposal released as BIP Bitcoin core developer Pieter Wuille announces submission of Schnorr / Taproot proposal: Schnorr / Taproot proposals have been published as BIP340, 341 and 342. See for details Please note that the assignment of BIP numbers does not constitute any form of approval, it only […]

Litecoin will implement MimbleWimble technology? Charlie Lee: Currently Lightning Network is not compatible with MW technology

In the cryptocurrency field, there has been a saying that Bitkin Wright Silver, the Litecoin network that has a place in the cryptocurrency field, is actively embracing new technologies. Litecoin is the first cryptocurrency to deploy Lightning Network as a scalable solution on a second-tier network. Recently, in order to achieve replaceability and privacy, the […]

Litecoin, the whole line of mining machines approaching the shutdown price… Bitcoin machine S9 is also "hard"

How to say it is good, the Wright currency computing power may usher in a wave of crit. At present, mining is still in the period of high water. The electricity fee is calculated at 0.35 yuan. The coin printing pool can automatically calculate the net profit of the Litecoin mining machine. The situation is […]

Jiang Zhuoer: Will it come if the halving of the bull market will come?

At present, some people think that it is still a bear market. Some people think that it is the early stage of the bull market. Regardless of the opinion, it means that the current position of the bull and bear cycle contains the rising potential that can be halved. Some people say that everyone thinks […]

Litecoin Foundation "funds exhausted", Li Qiwei: Most of the losses are attributed to the collapse of LTC and BTC prices

The unaudited financial statements of the Litecoin Foundation, recently announced on the social forum Reddit, have once again triggered doubts about the Lite Capital Foundation’s “fingery of funds”. From the contents of the financial statements, according to the income situation last year (January to June 2018), as of March this year (July 2018 to March […]

Why did Litecoin fall 25% after halving? Analysts say the downtrend will change

Litecoin has been shrouded in negative sentiment lately, mainly due to its bland price movements after the recent halving event and the most recent dust attack. This dust attack affected nearly 300,000 LTC addresses on Binance. Although optimism around LTC is waning, analysts are now cautiously pointing out that cryptocurrencies may be approaching the “basic […]

Regarding the fact that Litecoin did not have any development progress in 2019, founder Charlie Lee responded

According to foreign media reports on August 12, in response to people's doubts about the development of Litecoin in 19 years, Knight of the Litecoin Charlie Lee responded in a series of tweets issued on August 11: Recently, there have been many skeptical and uncertain voices about Litecoin's no code submission in 2019. When you […]

Wright halved, miners distressed

At 6:16 pm on August 5th, Beijing time, Litecoin will halve the mining reward at a height of 84,000. The block reward will be reduced from 25 Litecoins to 12.5. Affected by the halving of production, as of the halving, the Litecoin rose by 12.4% in 24 hours, temporarily reporting $102, and the currency price […]

Charlie Lee: Litecoin needs more substitutability and privacy to make a bigger breakthrough in market capitalization

According to AMB CRYPTO reported on August 5th, although the price fluctuation of cryptocurrency is accompanied by huge uncertainty, the halving of block rewards has brought a brand new game to users, which makes cryptocurrency enter a new one. In the life cycle. For example, Litecoin, the price of Litecoin has fluctuated greatly due to […]