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Electricity is 2 cents, and the policy is gradually opening up. Is Central Asia becoming a "mining paradise" for Bitcoin miners?

Abundant coal gas energy, cheap power resources, sparsely populated territory, delicious roast lamb, low prices … These elements constitute the most distinctive features of Central Asia. A large number of coal mines and oil and gas in the region, hundreds of coal-fired power stations, and an average of about 2 cents of electricity resources make […]

Sichuan Ganzi shut down bitcoin mines? Officials say it ’s just collecting opinions, not everything

Upstream journalist Hu Lei Source: Upstream News Beginning on December 24, a forum notice from the Office of the People's Government of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province has aroused attention in the bitcoin industry, and the "full shutdown of bitcoin mines" has become a key word. On December 26, upstream news reporters learned […]

Miner prices fluctuate more than currency prices? Two things to understand before understanding the trend

Original: Wang Tao Source: Vernacular Blockchain Mining machine is a magical existence. As a single-function computing device, why sometimes its price has nothing to do with cost, but changes constantly with the price of a certain commodity? In the huge industry landscape, why is it the first listed company out of the blockchain industry? To […]

To Southern Miners: A Guide to Heating for Miners

Source: Medium Author: Gado Images co-founder and CEO Thomas Smith Translator: Odaily Planet Daily Moni How to say goodbye to northerners for heating in the cold winter, and for the southerners to rely on the righteousness for the winter, and find the greenest and cheapest thermal energy? If you are a cryptocurrency miner, don't know […]

Bitcoin miner story: Miner's loss of one million yuan sadly exits, "downlord" profit returns 10 million full

Text: Zheng Yi Source: PANews In November, Shihezi was very cold. On the dangling escalator, Wenge took off the dust-covered S9 miner in turn on the escalator, even if the machine has almost become a pile of "waste iron" because of the drop in the price of currency , But this Northwest man is still […]

Trojan attacks, 5,000 computers reduced to mining "black labor"

Text: Kyle Source: Hive Finance Editor's Note: The original title was "Five Thousand Computers Reduced to Mining" Black Labor "! 》 The rise of the cryptocurrency industry has not only brought an emerging market, but has also lured profit-making black gangs, one of which is a mining Trojan. Recently, the Tencent Security Mi Jian Threat […]

Business of second-hand mining machines: business of acquaintances, pits of strangers

Author: Wang tree Source: Chain Catcher Editor's Note: The original title was "The Business of Second-hand Mining Machines" Unauthorized, declined to reprint Buyers in the last second, and sellers in the next second, only miners are their unified title, and the mining machine that produces BTC is the core target of the transaction. Regardless of […]

2019Q3 Blockchain Mining Research Report: Low-power mining machines will gradually establish advantages and the mining industry enters a new era

Source: Tokeninsight Editor's Note: The original title was "2019Q3 Blockchain Mining Research Report" Key takeaways: 1. With the delivery of mining machine orders in the first two quarters and the centralized release of new mining machines from major mining machine manufacturers, the hashrate and difficulty of Bitcoin's entire network increased sharply in the third quarter, […]

Opinion: Why do I believe that the FPGA miner will massively erode the GPU's computing power before the emergence of ASIC

Written by Yan Xin, author of the Fundamental Chain Investment Agency Fundamental Labs Source: Chain smell With the new popular PoW public chain main online line like Nervos, the process of competing and balancing the PoW public chain before the emergence of the ASIC mining machine has once again received attention. In general, the degree […]

Deciphering the beginning and end of Inner Mongolia’s “burst inspection virtual currency mine”, 11 days later than the original time

Source: Wu said blockchain On November 13, some media reported that the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Joint Inspection Team went to some of the allies to conduct joint inspections on the clean-up and rectification of virtual currency “mining” enterprises. The inspection time is from November 11th to November 25th, 2019. The inspection took place after […]