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Interpretation | Malta's Cryptocurrency Legal Regulation Policy

Author: Chief Compliance Consultant global block chain compliance Union, Tahota (Beijing) Law Firm Luo Tao This article will detail the legal regulation of cryptocurrency in Malta. In 2018, the Malta government and the crypto industry practitioners held multiple public comment meetings and formulated a set of regulations for digital finance, consisting of three complementary […]

Money laundering, stolen money, murder, Malta's bad crypto dream

Malta's colorful blockchain dream turned into an ominous gray shadow. Last weekend, the former Maltese Prime Minister Joseph muscat was forced to step down during the murder of investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. Joseph Muscat is a strong promoter of Malta's blockchain policy. Under his policy, Malta has launched a series of explorations in the […]

Malta will build the world's first office based on blockchain system operations

According to the Malta Independent, the Registry of Companies, which is building a new office building in Żejtun, Malta, will be the first office in the world to operate under the blockchain system. The Companies Registry is a public registry that contains official information and documents about new and existing companies. The agency was split […]

Malta ICO has been domesticated, IEO? ——A preliminary study on the compliance of the ILO in Malta

Author's note : When the regulatory authorities in Malta have domesticated the ICO into a law-abiding good boy, a child IEO who is similar to the ICO is bravely rushing forward with the burdock. Although ICO has rules in Malta, it may not be applicable to IEO. What are the reasons and impacts? Look together. […]