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Blockchain Weekly | The overall heat of the trading market has dropped by about 30%, waiting for a good time in August

First, the basic data 1. At present, the total market value of the encrypted goods market is 264.671 billion US dollars, down 7.26% compared with the previous week; 2. The volume of the entire cryptocurrency market in the last week was 368.223 billion US dollars, down 28.56% compared with the previous week's 515.406 billion US […]

US dollar stable currency market value of more than 4 billion US dollars, a record high

On May 22, Diar, an encryption asset research company, pointed out in the latest weekly report that the market value of the US dollar stable currency has reached a record high of more than $4 billion. According to Diar's data, the US dollar stable currency has exceeded the market value of $4.3 billion. The report […]

Two minutes to see the change in the market value of cryptocurrency in 6 years: the currency diversity is enhanced, Bitcoin is always king

Ten years ago, the first bitcoin transaction was born. In this short period of 10 years, the cryptocurrency industry has developed rapidly, and some new crypto assets have emerged, which has also gained a lot of supporters. Since the beginning of six years ago, the industry has undergone earth-shaking changes, and Bitcoin is no longer […]

Bitcoin fell below $5,000, and the final surrender of prices began?

The inevitable callback has begun. The recession has quietly arrived. Bitcoin once again led the decline, falling below 5,000 dollars on the day, a drop of 6%. The question is where is it going to fall? Is the small correction still falling sharply? Many cryptocurrency analysts say that before any real reversal begins, there will […]