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Babbitt Column | Pan Chao: Automated Market Maker DEX Economics

Author: Pan Chao "If traditional exchanges are large private supermarkets, then Uniswap is a crowdfunding vending machine. " DEX (Decentralized Exchange), as its name implies, removes all decentralizable links of traditional exchanges, from matching to clearing and settlement, and even including market making. Generally speaking, decentralized exchanges are mainly aimed at the matching, clearing and […]

DeFi Finance is the future: starting with borrowing, but not just borrowing

First, flash collapse Yesterday morning, the entire digital currency market showed a flash collapse. In just a few hours, Bitcoin fell from more than 9,000 US dollars to a minimum of more than 7,000 US dollars, a decline of more than 2,000 US dollars, a drop of nearly 20%, many digital currencies The decline even […]

Market analysis: wait and see mood is strong, the market will continue to bottom out

I recently saw an article that I thought was very interesting. The current Trump plus tariffs written in the article are similar to those of Hoover in that year. The success of Hoover’s high tariffs on other countries was triggered. The US financial crisis has led to a surge in unemployment in the country, which […]

Market analysis: the market bottomed out weakly, Bitcoin is still below $10,000

In the past 24 hours, the cryptocurrency market has ushered in a small bottoming out. In the past few days, the cryptocurrency market was in a downturn, and the highest value cryptocurrency bitcoin fell below $10,000. Although Bitcoin did not break through $10,000 yesterday, it rose well after hitting the bottom. The current market value […]

40% of the altcoin losses exceed 90%, can BTC return to 12000 to drive the market?

Second, BTC's market share reached 64%, a new high In the past 24 hours, BTC once again stood at 12,000 US dollars, BTC's market share increased to 64%, the highest since May 2017, Altcoins' share has gradually decreased to 36%, can not be consistent with the BTC's increase. At the end of May, BTC had […]

What is the solution to the blockchain incremental market dilemma?

Since the second half of 2017, with the rise of the currency price, the blockchain, the fashionable financial technology concept, has begun to attract more attention. On January 8, 2018, the market value of the entire cryptocurrency was $813.9 billion, and the RMB was nearly 6 trillion yuan. It is the highlight moment of the […]