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Blockchain speed in Zhejiang: bid farewell to 100 million paper notes in 6 months

Author: Huang Hui Source: Chinanews, Jan. 17th. In order to achieve the "running at most once" faster, governments in various places are applying new technologies faster and faster. Recently, Ye Shibao, director of the Electronic Bills Center of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance, said in an interview that since the establishment of the […]

First | Ant Blockchain Engineer Readme: Using Blockchain to Realize Cross-City Metro Subway Codes

Source: Ant Financial On the first day of the Spring Festival 2020, as of that day, the number of people traveling in different places in the “Yangtze River Delta ’s major cities’ code-scanning and interoperability ”project facilitated by ant ’s blockchain increased nearly 15 times compared to last year ’s Spring Festival, and the number […]

Subway Line 1 "Code" is about to open! Lanzhou applies blockchain technology to access two-dimensional code of rail transit

Li Xin, full media reporter from Lanzhou Daily Source: Xinhuanet Gansu Channel Editor's Note: The original title was "The Subway Line 1" Code "will be opened soon." On December 23, the reporter learned from the city rail company that in order to further improve the level of Lanzhou rail transit operation and service level and […]

Urban rail two-dimensional code interconnection and interoperability realized from "1" to "11" in one year. Blockchain technology increased the "pass" capacity expansion

Source: Pudong Times (Reporter Li Jicheng) Yesterday was the first anniversary of the two-dimensional code interoperability in the Yangtze River Delta urban rail transit. On the same day, the Xuzhou Metro will officially join the interoperability camp and become the eleventh city in the two-dimensional interoperability of urban rail code. . From 1 to 11 […]