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Mining Monthly Report: The market plunged and the computing power was lowered. Where should miners go?

In March, the crypto market experienced a diving market, and the total market value of crypto assets and the price of mainstream crypto tokens all plunged. Affected by this, the profitability of mining has recently declined compared with February, and the popularity of the mining industry has declined. Affected by the general decline in the […]

The three death spirals of mining: two pictures to understand what happened to Jianan?

Source: Wu Sao Blockchain A few months ago, the grand scene of Jianan's celebration of listing seemed to be still in sight. However, seeing the financial report just released by Jianan, only lamented that "mining is difficult." The current share price of Jianan is US $ 3.2, which is nearly 60% from the issue price […]

Babbitt Column | Case Study: Free Sugar Spreading Gives Miners, Also a Crime?

Editor's Note: The original title was "Case | Free Sugar Spreading and Mining Machines, also constituted a crime?" ! 》 With the promotion of "new infrastructure" by the state, the practice of using financial technology and digital finance to organize and lead MLM activities has been on the rise. During the period, some participants thought […]

15 million traffic support, 50% high dividends! Babbitt launches industry's first live Queen recruitment plan

Introduction of "Queen Carrying the Queen" "Chain" brings the queen of goods to share good science and technology. "The Queen with Cargo on the Chain" is a live broadcast with cargo created by Babbitt. The program invites the 10 most popular female KOLs in the blockchain industry as moderators to work with companies with both […]

Mining life and death situation: Epidemic or advance overdraft halved, 2020 will usher in an industry inflection point

Text: Pizza Source: A blockchain In the history of Bitcoin's development, 2020 is destined to be a crucial year. In May this year, Bitcoin production will be halved for the third time. And the sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic at the beginning of the year is like a black swan suddenly flying out, bringing new […]

Five big mining pools called for "strong donation", 42 million yuan BCH miners decided?

Text | Huang Xueyi Production | Planet Odaily On January 22, CEO of Leibite Mining Pool (BTC.TOP) Jiang Zhuoer published a blog post announcing a "BCH Infrastructure Financing Plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"). "Plan" supporters include Jiang Zhuoer, Wu Jihan (Antpool (, Yang Haibo (ViaBTC), and "Bitcoin Jesus" Roger Ver ( The content […]

Past: Pioneer Reveals How Bitmain S9 Becomes "One Generation King"

Author: former technical director Dan Xie bit continent Source: Wu Said Blockchain Foreword: With the large-capacity mining machines collectively entering the market, the first-generation King Ant mining machine S9 will withdraw from the historical stage. Looking back at the history, the author believes that the Chengdu team has achieved cross-generation advantages over competitors through dynamic […]

Featured | Chris Burniske: BTC goes to gold, ETH goes to currency; every bitcoin bull market starts with miners surrendering

Today's content includes: 1 Chris Burniske: BTC will go to gold, ETH will go to the currency 2 Each bitcoin bull market begins with the miners surrendering 3 Binance's explosive rise story 4 Large-scale growth in the derivatives market and its impact on the future of Bitcoin 5 Skale: Introducing BLS-ROLLUP Chris Burniske: BTC will […]

Analysis: How does the halving of Litecoin become a good one?

Yesterday, Liteco successfully completed the halving of the four-year period, and the price has also risen, and everyone is happy. The next halving is in 2023. There are more than four reincarnations in the middle of the four-year period. Basically, every time you see that you are halving, you are not the same person. I […]

The consensus of using "money" to forge coins – a high-tech that condenses developers' miners' exchanges and users

In 1776, the American Revolutionary War broke out. Why is this war going to fight? The American side said that "no representative, no tax." To put it bluntly, it is a group of old people who blame the government tax and rise up against it. The British said, "I am protecting the Americans from the […]