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Opinion: Bitcoin halving is actually a reward for efficient miners

Bitcoin's block reward has been halved, reminding people of its scarcity. Although Bitcoin has faced two halving events in the past, the third halving is about to be completed in more than a month. 2020 is a year of halving, leading most investors to expect a price surge, but the recent price collapse has not […]

Research PoW mining to find out: why crypto miners may become the new killer virus killer

New crown virus is still raging around the world, and all walks of life are actively participating in the fight against the epidemic. In the blockchain industry, the chain circle actively develops related platforms to help trace the epidemic prevention materials on the chain; it has not found a "sphere of use" in the mining […]

Bitcoin price rebounded strongly by nearly 50%, miners are back

Source of this article: Caiyun Blockchain , the original title "Some miners return to the mine as the price of Bitcoin rebounds above $ 6,000" Author: ack123888 Bitcoin prices have rebounded strongly in the past week or so, compared with the lows set during the sell-off caused by extreme panic earlier this month, and the […]

The market is down and production is approaching. How long will the mining winter continue?

In February, the total market value of crypto markets and mainstream crypto token prices were in a downward trend. Affected by this, the recent mining profitability has dropped significantly compared to January, and the heat of the mining industry has declined. Affected by the general decline in the price of tokens and the coming date […]

If Bitcoin does not take off as expected, what should miners do after halving?

The original article is a research report on the trends and impacts of the Bitcoin inflation mechanism in the study of the Bitcoin halving event, titled: "Trends & Implications of Bitcoin's Inflation Mechanism" Translator: Odaily Sunday newspaper Xin Nan, if you need to reprint please indicate the original and compiled source. Bitcoin is hailed as […]

Cryptocurrency Essence Series: The Rise and Development of the Mining Industry

Original author: Chris Dannen, Leo Zhang and Martín Beauchamp, have worked iteration capital (Iterative Capital) Compilation: Katt Gu Source: Block rhythm This article is an excerpt from a report written by cryptocurrency management company Iterative Capital, "What is the nature of the cryptocurrency phenomenon?" Iterative Capital is an investment management company focused on mining and […]

Demystifying the data on the Bitcoin chain in 2019: Global miners' annual total revenue is about $ 5.2 billion, and Coinbase has become the "gold king"

"Bitcoin is the best performing asset in the past decade." Both Merrill Lynch and Bloomberg have reached this conclusion. If you look at the increase, it does. It took only six years for Bitcoin to go from $ 1 to nearly $ 20,000, but the other side that cannot be ignored is that it only […]

Denial of service (DoS) attack: Chengye miner, defeated miner

Source: First Class Abstract: We have discovered a denial-of-service attack against a Bitcoin-like blockchain. This attack mode is much cheaper than the previous attack mode (only 20% of the network's computing power is required). Blockchain relies on incentives to ensure system security. We show how attackers can disrupt these incentives and cause rational miners to […]

Satoshi Nakamoto's theory of the crypto market after the bulls' collapse?

Author: Charles Edwards Translation: First Class (First.VIP) Editor's Note: The original title was "The pessimistic market after the bulls' defeat. Is Satoshi Nakamoto's theory still valid? 》 This article links Bitcoin's power consumption to the cost of Bitcoin production. In this way, we can gain insight into the historical profitability of bitcoin mining and learn […]

Ant S9 reached shutdown price. Earned 90 yuan a day, now it is 6 yuan.

Source: beep news On November 25th, F2pool Yuchi officially announced Weibo that "based on the current mining difficulty of bitcoin, at a price of 0.38 yuan / degree, 6 bitcoin miners including Ant S9 have reached the shutdown price. On this day, the Bitcoin price situation is indeed not optimistic. In a short period of […]