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A number of mining machines approached the shutdown line, and only half a year later, the mining machine has to sell it?

Since the start of the secondary market in April this year, the mining industry, which has been suspended for one year, has been completely awakened. The miners have reported a retaliatory rebound in the currency circle. The real data is that within half a year, Bitcoin's total network computing power has broken from 38EH to […]

Data Analysis: Do miners "manipulate" bitcoin prices?

The latest data shows that miners may be the driving force behind the large fluctuations in bitcoin prices. The miners had sold off before they bottomed out On October 11th, blockchain analysis firm Token Analyst released its latest analysis on social media, saying that miners selling bitcoin directly affected their price movements. This statement was […]

Technical Perspectives | How do ordinary users earn miners in cross-chain?

Inscription: As a distributed ledger technology, blockchain can be applied in many fields such as finance, health care, supply chain, asset management, etc., but it is restricted by factors such as throughput, network isolation, scalability, etc. Blockchain projects do not serve commercial applications well. Among the many problems faced by blockchains, network isolation hinders the […]

The IPFS mining machine entered a strange outbreak, and the miners’ wool party was cleaned.

In 2018, various main chains have been emerging one after another. Compared with the speculative coins, the mining that had been cooled by Bitcoin for a while has recently emerged. The communities of various currency circles and chain circles were once mined, mined, etc. Keywords swipe screen. The author paid attention to it for a […]

Is it a good idea to recapture stolen funds in the reorganized block?

Foreword: After two days about whether hackers have stolen money, whether the funds should be reclaimed through reorganization of the block is very enthusiastic. One party believes that it is technically possible to reclaim funds through block reorganization, while the other party believes that this will lead to community division and damage to people's confidence […]

The mysterious miner dug up 1.8 million BTCs, is it Nakamoto?

Many people in the cryptocurrency community know that some early miners have tapped a lot of bitcoin. For example, Dave Kleiman and Crab Wright have been reported to have jointly tapped 1.1 million BTCs, and many even suspect Dave Kleiman. It is the real Nakamoto. This week, RSK Labs chief scientist Sergio Demián Lerner published […]

Interpretation of the “No Mining” policy: Is it good for vested interests and miners?

On April 8, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the “Guidance Catalogue for Industrial Structure Adjustment (2019, Draft for Soliciting Opinions)”, and listed “virtual currency mining activities” as industries that have been explicitly eliminated or immediately eliminated by national industrial policies. For a time, some people are happy that someone is jealous. The domestic […]