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A number of mining machines approached the shutdown line, and only half a year later, the mining machine has to sell it?

Since the start of the secondary market in April this year, the mining industry, which has been suspended for one year, has been completely awakened. The miners have reported a retaliatory rebound in the currency circle. The real data is that within half a year, Bitcoin's total network computing power has broken from 38EH to […]

Tracking of illegal bitcoin mines on the Dadu River: the mine owner’s investment is back to the original million

A mine plant built by the Dadu River Hydropower Station. "Bitcoin 'mining' plant is illegally built on the side of the Dadu River"   Excessive power generation during the wet season, so that the hydropower station and the mine found the best reason for cooperation. For every penny of electricity bills, the cost savings for […]

Bitcoin mine illegally set up a special clean-up in Kangding City on the Dadu River

Bitcoin “mines” illegally built on the Dadu River Kangding City multi-department set up a working group to carry out special clean-up The mine yard on the Dadu River is only a few meters away from the river. Huaxi Dushi Bao – cover journalist Tian Xueyu Chen Yuanyang photo report Player secret “Mining” consumes a large […]

The secret of the industrial park: This opinion draft blocked the road of “compliance” of the mine?

In the past two days, there was an incident that was important to the mining circle, but it was ignored by everyone. That is, on April 8, the National Development and Reform Commission publicly solicited opinions on the "Guidelines for the Adjustment of Industrial Structures (2019, Draft for Soliciting Opinions)", and the virtual currency "mining" […]