Articles of mining difficulty

Counting mining 2019 | Difficulty of mining increased by 97.67% throughout the year. Which mining pool is on the right pace?

Text, Data and Visualization | Carol Editing | Bi Tongtong Data Partners | By | PANews The mining circle is a mysterious and closed circle for many people. Earlier, PANews and Tencent News jointly produced "Miner Besieged City" telling the rumbling sound of the mines that screamed through the day and night. Under the […]

Bitcoin difficulty adjustment and soaring BSV prices

Source / LongHash The continuous increase of Bitcoin's computing power has been a hot topic in the community recently. LongHash also recently published an article discussing the impact of the continuously increasing computing power on the price of Bitcoin and its future, especially after Bitcoin halved this year. Miners have a significant impact. First, let's […]

Deep adjustment period of mining industry: Bitcoin's overall network computing power has changed rapidly in the short-term mining machine pattern

Recently, the price of Bitcoin continued to fall, from around 12,000 US dollars on the left high (August 6) to around US$ 8,100 in recent days (September 29), and the drop in 54 days was about 32.5%. On the other hand, the overall network computing power also showed a short-term decline. BitInfoCharts showed that bitcoin's […]

Bitcoin's power and difficulty are rising, and high-coin prices are rising, attracting new influx

On September 16, Bitcoin's computing power and difficulty reached new highs. According to external sources, it was mainly due to the launch of more than 600,000 new mining machines in the past three months. According to the data printed on the currency, the average power of Bitcoin in the past week has exceeded another important […]