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The queen of goods on the chain-the first live broadcast of the goods in the blockchain industry is coming, let us wait and see!

Carry the queen of goods on the chain to share good technology items. How big is the air outlet for live streaming? In addition to the head anchors such as Weiya and Li Jiaqi, there are also special scenes of Luo Yonghao and various tricks by little Zhu Peiqi. Live streaming has been hot, but […]

The three death spirals of mining: two pictures to understand what happened to Jianan?

Source: Wu Sao Blockchain A few months ago, the grand scene of Jianan's celebration of listing seemed to be still in sight. However, seeing the financial report just released by Jianan, only lamented that "mining is difficult." The current share price of Jianan is US $ 3.2, which is nearly 60% from the issue price […]

Mining companies: Bitcoin mining is basically not affected by the epidemic, and the price is the most worrying

Recently, some large mining companies in the world said that Bitcoin mining activities are basically not affected by COVID-19-except for the price drop of Bitcoin. Source: Pixabay Four Bitcoin mining companies told Decrypt that although the supply chain of some newer mining machines has been interrupted, they have not faced too many problems. One company […]

Three indicators of bitcoin's "escape and dip"

It is close to Bitcoin halving, and there are many articles on various topics related to halving the market. However, there are not many valuable articles, but today I saw an article about top evasion and bottom hunting worthy of sharing with you. In fact, these several indicators have been discussed in many articles before, […]

Miners continue to invest funds, Bitcoin's entire network computing power hits a record high

According to foreign media reports on March 3, on Monday, miners' processing power on the Bitcoin network exceeded the historical record of the network, with a total hash rate of 136 exahash (EH / s) per second. This record-breaking result was achieved after Bitcoin price fell below $ 9,000 last week. Bitcoin's hash rate has […]

Perspective | Can Energy Investment Determine Bitcoin Value?

Editor's Note: The original title was "Can Energy Input Determine Bitcoin Value" This article is an article published by Charles Edwards, a value investment / crypto asset investor. PayPal Finance has been authorised by the author to compile the content and title of the article accordingly. In the bitcoin market, the factors that affect the […]

Everbright and Zhongying interconnected and blew up, exploding A-share "currency-related" companies

Text: 嚯 嚯 Source: Hive Finance The unresolved dispute between Zhongying and Yibang for two years finally broke out at the end of this year. The former is an A-share listed company, and the latter is a well-known Bitcoin mining machine manufacturer. On December 19, Zhongying Interconnection announced that Beijing Chaoyang Public Security Branch opened […]

Babbitt Column | What is the "occupation of occupation" that the mining industry is concerned about?

The founder of a mining machine was arrested for suspected occupation, and within a period of time, many friends asked her privately: What is occupation, and how many years can you sentence? What is the threshold for conviction? and many more. Sister Yun did not intend to make judgments on specific cases, but only aimed […]

Babbitt Original 丨 Two blockchain listed companies were born this week. Why did Hangzhou grab the nation?

On November 26, Zheshang Bank was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. As of the close of the day, the market value exceeded 100 billion. Because Zheshang Bank has repeatedly "touched the chain" in recent years, it has been called the first block of "blockchain concept" banks by analysts. Accounts receivable chain platform is dazzling, […]

Viewpoint | Checking the block Nonce distribution to track changes in mining equipment

Author: Coin MetricsTom Brand, Uri Kolodny & Avihu Levy Translation & Proofreading: Min Min & A Jian Source: Ethereum fans Editor's Note: The original title is "Viewpoints | Tracking Changes in Mining Equipment with Nonce Distribution" ASIC caused huge controversy Since the early days of Bitcoin, the community has been discussing whether to fight the […]