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What miners should know: How do mining companies insist on bulls and bears?

Co-sponsored by Canaan , PayPal Finance and Youkuine YOUMine, with special support from Nova Club and Veryhash , Babbitt as a strategic cooperation media of the Hundred Regiments War Mining Summit . The halving ended on the evening of March 31 . The Great War · Mining Summit halved the wonderful core dry goods of […]

Opinion: Why do I believe that the FPGA miner will massively erode the GPU's computing power before the emergence of ASIC

Written by Yan Xin, author of the Fundamental Chain Investment Agency Fundamental Labs Source: Chain smell With the new popular PoW public chain main online line like Nervos, the process of competing and balancing the PoW public chain before the emergence of the ASIC mining machine has once again received attention. In general, the degree […]

Deciphering the beginning and end of Inner Mongolia’s “burst inspection virtual currency mine”, 11 days later than the original time

Source: Wu said blockchain On November 13, some media reported that the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Joint Inspection Team went to some of the allies to conduct joint inspections on the clean-up and rectification of virtual currency “mining” enterprises. The inspection time is from November 11th to November 25th, 2019. The inspection took place after […]

Jia Nan Zhi Zhi will be listed in the US, what is the composition of the “blockchain first stock”?

Author: in this stupid thirty-one Source: Deep Chain Deepchain   Jia Nan Zhi Zhi will soon become the "first block of the blockchain listing." On October 29th, a photo of Jianan Zhizhi’s executives on Nasdaq went away. At one time, the public opinion was stunned. They thought that Jianan Zhizhi had successfully landed in the […]

Jia Nan’s four wars IPO, but the time left for it’s transformation is running out.

Text: Mutual Chain Pulse · Liangshan Huarong Source: Interchain Pulse Following the failure of China's A-share, NEEQ and Hong Kong stocks, Jianan Zhizhi, the world's second-largest bitcoin mining machine manufacturer, once again sprinted to US stocks. According to Coindesk, Jia Nan Zhizhi submitted an initial public offering statement (hereinafter referred to as the “Prospectus”) to […]

TSMC is charged with multiple infringements or affecting 7nm mining capacity

As a chip supplier to Bitcoin, TSMC is the capacity guarantee for the ant 7nm mining machine. The semiconductor industry has recently heard a lot of news. According to DeepTech, the semiconductor foundry GlobalFoundries (GF) filed several lawsuits in the US and Germany on August 26, accusing TSMC of using semiconductor technology to infringe 16 […]

The Sichuan mine was flooded and warned that the “parallel mining machine” entered the market.

This year's Fengshui miners can be said to be mixed. The good news is that the secondary market's market is picking up just in time for Sichuan's flood season, no matter which model of mining machine can be turned on as profitable. The worry is that this year's climate in Sichuan does not seem to […]

I just visited Huaqiang North, I found that ants and horses are out of stock.

If the information comes too slowly, you can't keep up with the trend. (by Aberdini) Since April, the continuous rebound of bitcoin prices has caused a stir in the mining machinery. Last year, the bear market, which was once frozen in the bear market, is gradually warming up. Before the long bear market, dug out […]

Big computing power machine battle

As the price of the currency rises and the water comes, with the increasing difficulty of the calculation, the large-scale mining machine is increasingly sought after by miners and mining machine sellers. Shenma M20S 68T futures in September is about 14,856 yuan, November futures are about 19,521 yuan, an increase of 31.45%. The price of […]

Crazy mining machine market: Iranian miners domestic mining machine, second-hand mining machine rose 3 times in two months

Since April this year, bitcoin prices have bottomed out and the mining machine market has recovered again. Today's mining machine market, the official website is out of stock, the spot is tight, and the futures are rampant. Second-hand mining machines that were once sold as "scrap iron" have once again become popular. And the miners […]