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The Baite mining pool under the universal computing power was withdrawn, and the computing power was ranked in the top ten

In the face of weak currency prices and the pressure of halving BTC, cryptocurrency mining is ushering in a new round of turbulence and reshuffle. Wu said that the blockchain is exclusively informed that the Baite mining pool under the universal computing power is currently being cleared. The computing power has dropped from more than […]

QKL123 Blockchain List | USDT market value jumped to fourth place, transaction popularity dropped significantly (March 2020)

The QKL123 blockchain ranking list includes seven lists of blockchain projects, trading platforms, blockchain public accounts, blockchain mining pools, blockchain mining machines, staking projects, and blockchain wallets. The latest monthly list is summarized in the following table: QKL123 Blockchain General List (March 2020) Source: QKL123 1. Ranking of blockchain projects Blockchain project circulation market value […]

"The Secret History of Bitcoin": Who is the super-large Bitcoin mining pool with a computing power that approached 51%?

Source: Hash Pie Author: LucyCheng In the previous story, we talked about a sudden hard fork event called "51% attack rehearsal" by some people; this time we want to talk about the super large bit that really makes the community feel the threat of 51% attack. Coin mining Nowadays when it comes to large […]

"National Mining Pool" Admission! Miners no longer "underground" in Uzbekistan, government approves exchange to go online next week

Source: Blockchain Outpost Author | Lubomir Tassev Translation | Yue Wei Recently, the construction of a "national mining pool" has suddenly become a key project of the Uzbekistan government. The country's cryptocurrency industry regulator has announced that miners joining national-level mining pools can enjoy higher electricity price concessions. In addition to mining pool development, Uzbekistan […]

"National mining pool" enters, Uzbekistan government will not only provide lower electricity prices for miners, but also launch exchange next week

Uzbekistan has announced the establishment of a " national mining pool " as a priority. The country's regulator of the cryptocurrency industry announced that miners who join the mining pool will enjoy lower electricity bills. The Central Asian country is also preparing to launch a licensed cryptocurrency exchange to enable miners to sell their coins. […]

Coin Indian mining pool CEO talks about the self-cultivation of Hodler in the mining circle on the eve of the halving | Chain Node AMA

In 2019, the market price is unfavorable, and the difficulty of mining continues to increase. But miners still clenched their teeth and wanted to continue to enjoy the last 12.5 BTC block rewards before halving this year. Bitcoin's entire network hashrate reached a new high. What will happen to the "life and death gamble" in […]

OKEx Mine Pool officially launched CRO lock service

Today, we are pleased to announce the partnership with OKEx Pool to provide (CRO) lockout services. OKEx users can lock CROs on the OKEx platform and earn CRO lockout rewards. The chain is a high-performance blockchain solution that supports scan code payment, enabling users to pay and collect money from blockchain assets anywhere, […]