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Mining Monthly Report: The market plunged and the computing power was lowered. Where should miners go?

In March, the crypto market experienced a diving market, and the total market value of crypto assets and the price of mainstream crypto tokens all plunged. Affected by this, the profitability of mining has recently declined compared with February, and the popularity of the mining industry has declined. Affected by the general decline in the […]

The three death spirals of mining: two pictures to understand what happened to Jianan?

Source: Wu Sao Blockchain A few months ago, the grand scene of Jianan's celebration of listing seemed to be still in sight. However, seeing the financial report just released by Jianan, only lamented that "mining is difficult." The current share price of Jianan is US $ 3.2, which is nearly 60% from the issue price […]

Mining companies: Bitcoin mining is basically not affected by the epidemic, and the price is the most worrying

Recently, some large mining companies in the world said that Bitcoin mining activities are basically not affected by COVID-19-except for the price drop of Bitcoin. Source: Pixabay Four Bitcoin mining companies told Decrypt that although the supply chain of some newer mining machines has been interrupted, they have not faced too many problems. One company […]

Will Bitcoin have a 10-fold increase? Mining or the blue ocean market? And listen to mining giants explain mining evolution in detail | Babbitt Cloud Summit

On April 7th, Babbitt Global Partners Cloud Summit Forum 5-Mining Circle Enterprise Evolution kicked off, Cai Yunbit founder Lu Lei, Bitmain co-founder Li Min (real name Li Yingfei), Wonderful Capital founder Mint were invited participate. Regarding the mining industry, the three senior practitioners shared many world-leading opinions, such as: 1. The flow of mining capital […]

Statistics: Bitcoin miners received $ 380.1 million in revenue in March, a 25% drop compared to February

More than 30 days before the next halving of Bitcoin, Bitcoin mining is experiencing an important turning point. New data collected by The Block Research shows that in March, mining activities brought about $ 380.1 million in revenue to Bitcoin miners. As shown in the chart below, this number has fallen by 25% compared to […]

Bitcoin halving may push mining to reshuffle, and efficient miners laugh to the end

The halving of Bitcoin's block reward once again showed people its scarcity in a timely manner. This cryptocurrency leader has experienced two halvings in the past, and the third will also happen in more than a month. Most investors predict that the price of Bitcoin will soar within half a year of 2020. The recent […]

The Baite mining pool under the universal computing power was withdrawn, and the computing power was ranked in the top ten

In the face of weak currency prices and the pressure of halving BTC, cryptocurrency mining is ushering in a new round of turbulence and reshuffle. Wu said that the blockchain is exclusively informed that the Baite mining pool under the universal computing power is currently being cleared. The computing power has dropped from more than […]

Jiang Zhuoer: Why should I not only mine coins, but also mine? Why is joint mining the best choice?

During the first live broadcast of the B.TOP conference on March 25 and the interview of the world ’s miners , Jiang Zhuoer, the founder of Leibite Mining Pool (BTC.TOP), not only shared his views on the current market and future trends, but also detailed Explains why you have to mine not only Tuen Coin, […]

Learn about Bitcoin market participants-the vulnerability of miners to push Bitcoin prices

Original source: Blockware Compilation: Share Finance Neo Editor's Note: The original title was "Understanding Bitcoin Market Participants-The Vulnerability of Miners to Push Bitcoin Prices" Many analysts believe that there is a price bottom for bitcoin, which is created by the break-even point of the production cost of bitcoin miners. This assertion is inaccurate. In fact, […]

CME executives' proposal to expand the group's business to the bitcoin mining sector, is it good for the crypto industry?

The cryptocurrency space is always full of surprises. The latest unexpected news came from the CME Group's election nominee Dante Federighi, who proposed that CME Group launch a Bitcoin mining business. Image source: Pixabay CME Group "should be ahead of this trend" One may not immediately see the connection between CME's existing Bitcoin derivatives trading […]