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Babbitt Column | MLM in currency circle, money recovery or return for buyers?

Original: Xiao Sa Lawyer , Author: Tan Guo Hao, Xiao Sa I wanted to buy coins and make a fortune, but I didn't want the issuer to become an MLM organization, suspected of breaking the law and committing crimes; all participating funds will face collection. At this time, whether the money purchased can be recovered […]

People's Court Report: Cracking down on "blockchain" pyramid schemes and technology are indispensable

Source: People's Court Newspaper, November 25, 2019, version 02 Author: Zhang Zhi Yao Mingping whole In the face of the "blockchain" pyramid scheme fraud has risen and has a tendency to spread, while emphasizing its crackdown on the law, it should also be technically tied to the "cage." Recently, blockchain technology has become hot. For […]

With the blockchain and digital China as the nephew, the MLM organization will absorb 320 million yuan in six months.

Text: Yang Zhanchang Zhang Yuzong Shen Source: Procuratorate Daily In the "blockchain", "Internet finance", "e-commerce" and "digital China", in just 6 months, the company has developed 30 floors, absorbed more than 10,900 member accounts, and absorbed 320 million yuan of investment… On September 25, 2019, Lu Mou and others who filed a public prosecution by […]

The MLM "online" was arrested and the Yancheng police will investigate the participants of Plustoken in accordance with the law.

On July 16, the Shanxi Evening News reporter learned from the Shanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau: Recently, the Datong police cracked a large fund-raising fraud case. The scammers invested in the "blockchain" and "LCC light cone coins" and scam 100 in a short time. Yu Wan Renminbi. According to the chain of financial understanding, Datong […]

The 63-year-old woman is not far away from the pyramid scheme to sell the bad IPFS mining machine game.

"Young man, Shenzhen pressure is so big, do you want to buy a mining machine to mine? Guaranteed to earn a profit." Zhang Qi (pseudonym), who is listening carefully, was stunned by the shoulders. He turned his head in disbelief and found An old lady with gold earrings and a bead on her neck was […]