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Public Opinion of "House N" Fermented, Bithumb Faces Pressure to Remove Monero

South Korea's well-known cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb is under pressure to delist Monero (XMR) as the public's anger over the "room N" telegraph group incident continues to dominate the country's news headlines. According to a report by Sisa Journal, after Huobi Korea recently decided to delist XMR, this pressure is now increasing. XMR is a high-profile […]

Satoshi Nakamoto may be the creator of Monero. Do you accept the findings?

Although no one knows who is behind the name Satoshi Nakamoto, a research document suggests that the creator of Bitcoin may have developed another cryptocurrency, Monero (XMR). Satoshi Nakamoto has motivation to improve Bitcoin algorithm The latest research from Monero Outreach concludes that Bitcoin and Monero may be the product of the same person or […]

The two mining pools control 60% of the Monero network's computing power. Will the centralization of the mining pools cause security problems?

At present, the two mining pools control 60% of the computing power of the Monero network, but how serious is this problem? Image source: visualhunt Is Monero vulnerable to 51% attacks? Monero, a privacy coin that was once led by Riccardo Spagni (Guest of the Magical Crypto Friends program Fluffy Pony), currently shows that the […]

Monero's "Decentralization Movement": Lead Developer Riccardo Spagni Retires

"Fluffypony" (Riccardo Spagni) is no longer the lead developer of privacy cryptocurrency Monero (XMR). According to a statement on Monday, Fluffypony has been responsible for the development of the project since the birth of Monroe in 2014, and he still will not leave today, just changing his identity-alternate maintainer. Snipa is a long-time contributor to […]

Read Monero's Fair Mining Algorithm RandomX

Author: Pan Zhixiong Source: Chain News As professional mining equipment fully invades cryptocurrencies and blockchain platforms, more and more people are beginning to worry that the so-called "decentralization" is at stake. For example, in Bitcoin with the largest number of users, no one has used the general-purpose CPU and GPU to participate in network consensus, […]

The study found that 5% of the Monero currency circulating in the market was mined by malware

According to the study, mining was done through encrypted hijacking, using other users’ computer processing power to mine cryptocurrencies without the owner’s permission. Josh Grunzweig of the No. 42 Threat Research Group collected approximately 470,000 unique samples of anonymous miners found on the Palo Alto network platform. The report found that there were 3,773 emails […]