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Monroe Research Lab releases latest research paper: new technology Triptych will significantly improve online anonymity

According to Cointelegraph, the Menlo Research Laboratory (MRL) published Triptych in a paper on January 6. As the core anonymity mechanism of Monero, the main purpose of this research is to significantly improve the anonymity of Monero. (Image source: flickr ) Monero (XMR) is an anonymous coin that uses multiple mechanisms to obfuscate the amount, […]

The Monroe core team issued a security warning: the CLI binary file was corrupted and the user had to check it in time

Source: Shallot APP According to a post, some Monero users noticed that the hash of the downloaded binary did not match the expected result. This issue was first exposed 15 hours ago and it is still pending until now. u/binaryFate says, "It seems that the framework is indeed corrupted. Different CLI binaries are saved for […]

Two times to prevent the ASIC from failing, Monroe will completely change the algorithm at the end of October.

Monroe (XMR) had to face the problem of ASIC mining machines "invading" their networks. After a few forks, Monroe's mining algorithm CryptoNight was adjusted to disable the ASIC function. Today, Monroe plans to switch to a completely different PoW algorithm to maintain its ASIC resistance. Monroe plans to anti-ASIC upgrade for the third time Monroe […]

The low price of Monroe, why squeeze out BTC to become the "dark net coin king"

Bringing up the dark net will always make people unconsciously associate with BTC; but now the most active cryptocurrency in the dark world is no longer bitcoin. The most preferred option for illegal trading is not BTC, but the heat is not warm. Fire – Monroe. This privacy currency, which is often bundled with malicious […]

What is the technology of Long Wenda's summary of anonymous cryptocurrency?

The purpose of this article is to provide a brief overview of the anonymous mechanisms implemented in today's mainstream cryptocurrencies. Blockchain anonymity is a particularly difficult task because the design of the public blockchain makes all transactions transparent, and the supply of cryptocurrencies can be publicly verified. Even if there is a conflict between protecting […]

Coindesk: Monroe password punks made a final blow to ASIC

Introduced the final efforts of the Monroe community's password punks for anti-ASIC mining, and the mining performance of the Random X algorithm. Inside Monroe: Last time against ASIC Monroe developers are stepping up to prevent ASICs from monopolizing mining incentives. Among the many cryptocurrencies that focus on privacy, Monroe has become the largest (about $1.5 […]

Why can't Monroe maintain a hard-for-half plan for half a year?

The hottest topic of the Monroe community in recent times is the long-term plan of the Monroe mining algorithm. After the successful implementation of the hard fork in 3.9 Monroe, members of the community published their own concerns about regularly modifying the algorithm: Frequent modification of the algorithm not only increases Monroe’s security risks, but […]