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The MOV of Uncle L next door is on fire, but the little bun boss is floating?

[Random Chain Circle] Blockchain star said that the public number conscience is produced. Keep up with the hot trends in the circle, and use interesting cartoons to talk about expected events. It is really a good helper for the new generation of young people in the chain and a good friend for getting started. Anti-counterfeiting […]

Dialogue MOV | DeFi2020-How to move from open application to open ecosystem?

On March 30, MOV was officially launched. What is MOV? Next generation decentralized cross-chain Layer 2 value exchange protocol? A heterogeneous and integrated diversified asset value exchange collaboration ecosystem? Who does MOV want to use? How to play MOV? Why does the team do MOV? … Seeing many misunderstandings, Heard too many doubts, April 9th, […]

The MOV Federation Node is officially unveiled, and the original team revealed the destruction plan

The MOV, which has been carefully prepared for two years, was officially launched recently. Why do MOV team do MOV? What is MOV, for whom, how to play? As a next-generation decentralized cross-chain Layer 2 value exchange protocol, how will MOV conduct asset value exchange collaboration? And how will it lead DeFi to an open […]

MOV announces the first list of federal nodes, from open applications to open ecosystem

Recently, Biyuan Chain officially reached cooperation with Cobo Wallet, Bitpie Wallet, Wheat Wallet, imToken, etc. Cobo Wallet, Bitpie Wallet, Wheat Wallet, imToken will become the federal node of MOV decentralized cross-chain value exchange protocol, participating in OFMF The decentralized governance of open gateways, together to build a trustless cross-chain and asset custody system. Due to […]

DeFi Monthly Report | MakerDao encounters the most severe test in history

Since March, many digital assets have been "halved", and DeFi's market value is no exception. According to data from DApp Total, the current DeFi lock-up financial value is $ 862 million. From the curve of the value of locked positions in the last 30 days, it can be seen intuitively that the culprit of "halving" […]

Babbitt weekly selection 丨 US $ 6 trillion stimulus policy favors Bitcoin; how important is blockchain in China's tens of trillions of "new infrastructure"?

China's tens of trillions of "new infrastructure" indicates that China's development has entered the "new infrastructure" era, and technological innovation will become an important component. Blockchain, as the country's core innovation highland, is expected to flex its muscles and open the door to the trillion-dollar market in the "new infrastructure" era. After the Federal Reserve […]

MOV is officially launched, creating an ace DeFi infrastructure, making transactions everywhere

On March 30, MOV was officially launched. MOV is a next-generation decentralized cross-chain Layer2 value exchange protocol. It consists of three core modules: the value exchange engine magnetic contract (Magnet), decentralized cross-chain gateway (OFMF), and Layer2 high-speed side chain (Vapor). Construct an integrated and diversified asset value exchange and collaboration ecosystem. From the release of […]

From "Lego Toys" to "Open Finance", DeFi lacks a systematic risk control solution

DeFi is the abbreviation of Decentralized Finance, which is "decentralization + finance". It is a financial system that is decided by multiple parties and does not rely on centralized power. Decentralization is not a purpose, but a means. The true vision is an open financial market that is ultimately formed by the combination and evolution […]

MOV Product Design

  The MOV project is a very innovative product from the beginning of the project. Currently, there is no product or system similar to MOV. It integrates cross-chain, open gateways, on-chain matching, and so on. Each item has some innovation. The cumulative effect of the combination is even more critical. What products do users need […]

Perspectives | MOV-Cracking the Impossible Triangle of Trading

Author: eighty thousand Martian 1 Introduction The Steem incident is still fermenting. As the exchange misappropriates user assets to vote, and thus controls the community, centralized trading faces an unprecedented crisis of trust. If EOS is controlled by the exchange and still holds half of the pipa, then this Steem incident It is nakedly controlled […]