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Interpretation of Libra blockchain programming language

On June 18th, Libra, an encrypted digital currency project initiated by Facebook, was officially unveiled. Libra's white paper was also released in parallel with several technical documents, highlighting the new blockchain programming language Move and the consensus protocol LibraBFT. This article explains the Move language from a technical perspective and leads everyone to make a […]

China Blockchain Game Development Team Pure White Matrix Launches World's First Cloud IDE to Access Libra Move Language

Recently, the pure white matrix ChainIDE team realized the world's first integrated development environment (IDE) tool integrated with the Move language through a two-day programming marathon, which can support Facebook's new programming language Move for the Libra project. IDE refers to the "Integrated Development Environment" and is an indispensable tool in software development. In software […]

Deep Interpretation of the White Paper – Move: A New Programming Language for Facebook Libra Blockchain

Note: Some English proper nouns have no corresponding Chinese translation, and the original author and the Blockore team reserve the correct space for translation. Overview and motivation This article takes you on a preliminary look at the 26-page technical white paper on Facebook Libra's new programming language Move . As a developer of Ethereum and […]

Technical Guide | Libra Technical Interpretation! Explain the move syntax, interpreter, and introducer

This week will mainly introduce: Move syntax, interpreter and validator Move the small bench to listen to the class! Move syntax The white paper is described using a semi-formal description language. As for this set of description languages, the main symbols are explained as follows: =: definition ::= : Assignment ⇀: mapping ×: product type, […]

Getting started with the Facebook Move programming language

One of the technical highlights of the Facebook blockchain project Libra is that it uses a new programming language called Move, so what is the language? Today we start with its official overview and get a close look at this. A new language. The following is a translation: Move is a new programming language that […]

Libra Move hardcore interpretation

Facebook recently published the alliance chain project Libra, the biggest highlight of which is the Move language. Below we will interpret the white paper "Move: A Language With Programmable Resources" from a technical perspective for your reference. For the sake of understanding, we use Bitcoin, Ethereum and Libra to make a comparison. Programmable currency, programmable […]