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The Mentougou case triggered a panic of BTC selling. Is the market overreacting?

Source of this article: Planet Daily Author: Nan Xin On the eve of Mt.Gox's creditors' annual meeting, a recent disclosure document reverted a draft repayment that could be used in the Mentougou case. According to the Mt.Gox liquidation and repayment draft document released by Kobayashi Nobunaga, the Mt.Gox exchange will pay fiat currencies, BTC, and […]

MT.Gox officially enters bankruptcy proceedings and will return BTC and BCH to debtors

Source: Shallot Blockchain The bankruptcy bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox (Mentougou) has finally dealt with its legacy debt issues, and it mentioned more information on how to pay its debts in the future, in a document sent to the debtors on the eve of the creditors' annual meeting. According to the leaked draft, creditors can choose […]

Bitcoin's Secret History: The Price of Bitcoin Has Changed

Source: Hash Pie Author: LucyCheng Mt.Gox, meaning Magic: The Gathering Online eXchange, a magical online trading platform. This largest trading platform in the history of Bitcoin, as the name suggests, left many magical events in the field during the operation. In addition to the 442,000 BTC huge transaction mentioned in the previous story and the […]

Hedge fund Fortress raises the price several times to buy MtGox claims. Will you sell 30% of Bitcoin?

December 19th news, according to the foreign media theblock report, the hedge fund Castleress Investment Group (Fortress Investment Group) has sent a new letter to thousands of creditors of MtGox, expressing its willingness to buy them at 70% of the current Bitcoin market price Claims. It is reported that in July of this year, the […]

Mid-Autumn Festival surprise? Lawyers say Mt. Gox Bitcoin worth $2 billion is expected to recover

Summary: The Moscow-based ZP law firm claims that it has confirmed the Russian identity of the stolen Bitcoin received at the 2014 Mt Gox exchange; Local law enforcement is investigating Alexander Vinnik, the owner of the closed Bitcoin exchange BTC-e; ZP law firm said that if Mt Gox creditors stand up to provide support, it […]

Sell ​​Mt.Gox, leave Ripple to create stars, legendary life of coin technology genius Jed

Let's talk about a small piece of information about Ripple. According to Bitcoinist, Ethan Beard, an executive at Ripple's venture capital fund Xpring, said that in less than 12 months, it has been based on XRP. The project invested more than $500 million to improve the Ripple ecosystem and create use cases around XRP. In […]

Fafa announced the establishment of a blockchain company, writing a new book saying that the security of Bitcoin needs to be rebuilt

Former Mt. Gox manager Mark Karpeles has started a new play. As the author of the new book Cryptocurrency 3.0, French fat said in an interview on Monday that he supports improved blockchain and bitcoin security. "Bitcoin is very continually using current encryption technology. dangerous." (Mark Karpeles, not a recent photo, don't ask me why […]

The road to rights protection is not seen? Mt. Gox creditor organization leader opt out

Andy Pag, founder of Mt. Gox Legal, resigned as head of the organization. The organization is the representative of many Mt. Gox creditors (when the exchange collapsed, the funds of these users are still on the platform). Although some reports say that these users can get paid at the earliest this year, Pag believes that […]