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Using the news a few years ago to raise the price of the currency and secretly transfer funds, the project was questioned by the community.

San Francisco-based payment startup Metal Payments raised about $3 million in the June 2017 token sales event. The company has been repeating the old news, probably to raise the price of its falling MTL. At the same time, the startup was accused of abusing its diminishing funds, cashing in and investing in suspicious projects. Metal […]

2019 Global cryptocurrency regulation "tax" trend: some pay taxes 300%, some unconditional tax exemption

Supervision has always been the sword of Damocles hanging over the cryptocurrency. Everyone tends to focus on hard regulation such as ICO and exchanges, but it is easy to ignore the “soft supervision” of taxation for cryptocurrency holders. This article will take a look at the new trends in global policy in 2019 from the […]

Open Web3.0: Unbind Centralized Vector

Foreword: In web2.0, data ownership belongs to the platform, which leads to the problem of platform data leakage from time to time. Then, with the advent of web3.0, can we unbind the ownership of data and the application logic. If it can be achieved, how to achieve it? The author of this article, Kyle Samani, […]

A story of a "Jesus" who initiated a 100-fold bet on Bitcoin and a preacher who advertised Bitcoin free of charge

According to CoinMarketCap data on September 6th, the market value of Bitcoin accounted for 71% of the total market value of all cryptocurrencies, hitting a new high this year, with a total market value of more than US$190 billion. The King of Thrones is worthy of the name. The cryptocurrency economy originated in bitcoin, and […]

It’s hot for half a year, what’s going on now?

Original: Compilation: JackyLHH This year, it is called "the first year of cross-chain ". Cosmos, which has a cross-chain technology, has already launched its main network . Another Polkadot project that many people expect is also scheduled to be launched in the fourth quarter of this year. The "cross-chain" actually solves the problem of information […]

Getting started with blockchain | Hash lock for cross-chain technology solutions

In the vernacular before the tweet " Dr. Xiao Feng's praise of the two major cross-chain technology projects Cosmos and Poca " mentioned cross-chain technology, one of the implementation models of cross-chain technology is the hash lock, today white Let's explain in detail what is a hash lock. 01 Hash Lock and Lightning Network Hash […]

Technical Perspectives | How much does the Python Smart Contract Execution API know?

01 lead In the previous issue, we introduced the Ontology Smart Contract Storage API . I believe that many small partners understand how to call the relevant API for persistent storage when developing Python smart contracts on the ontology. In this issue we discuss how to use the Runtime API (Contract Execution API). The Runtime […]

Babbitt exclusive A-share blockchain concept stocks, the fastest growth rate of these 10

In the previous article , we dismantled the dimensions of the number of times mentioned in the blockchain of 118 blockchain concept stocks. This article is disassembled from financial data. Since there are 66 blockchain concept stocks, 66 have not mentioned the blockchain in the financial report, so in the financial dismantling article of this […]

Bitcoin breaks through 10,000, and the bull market really depends on halving support?

Recently, the price of Bitcoin has fluctuated around $10,000. In the early morning of August 29th, Beijing time, Bitcoin fell below 10,000 yuan again. The decline in other currencies was terrible. In particular, Ethereum and EOS, which are represented by the public chain, have fallen back to the level of bear market in 2018. The […]

R3 enters into strategic partnership with Dubai Financial Technology to build the next generation financial architecture for Islamic capital markets

According to recent media reports, R3 has entered into a strategic partnership with Wethaq, a Dubai-based financial technology startup, to create the next-generation financial architecture for the Islamic capital market. Image source: Wethaq is a “platform-as-a-service” company that aims to manage the pre-sales, distribution, management and financialization of Islamic bonds (Sukuk) using R3 Corda's blockchain. […]