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With AAX entering the game, can the Lun Stock Exchange and ICE, Nasdaq stage the "Three Kingdoms Kill"?

Founded in 1817, the world's largest stock exchange, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), has served the stock exchange for more than 200 years, with listed companies having a global market capitalization of $15 trillion. Founded in 1971, NASDAQ is the world's first electronic stock exchange market. It grew into the world's second largest stock […]

Is Nasdaq the future a cryptocurrency exchange? Officially announced the addition of the Ripple Coin (XRP) Liquidity Index

Nasdaq, the stock exchange operator, has added a new cryptocurrency index – this time the world's third-largest cryptocurrency, XRP. Image source: pixabay NASDAQ announced on Monday that it will provide "real-time" index information for XRP from May 1st through cooperation with New Zealand blockchain data and research company Brave New Coin. Specifically, the XRP Liquidity […]

NASDAQ: Joined Bitcoin's "Wish List" this year

The bitcoin of the previous day showed a rise of 5,500. According to the "rice law", the rise is sure to find a good. Then everyone flipped over and turned out the benefits of a dozen hours before the rise: "Nasdaq can trade Bitcoin!" It sounds really good, but in fact it is just a […]

Twitter Featured: Nasdaq Testing Bitcoin Transactions; Amazon Supports Lightning Network Payments

01 NASDAQ Test Bitcoin Trading Quantitative analyst Cryptopolis: Explosion news: Bitcoin can now be traded on Nasdaq. I bought a bitcoin through my TDAmeritrade account (Translator's Note: TD Ameritrade is a US securities giant, equivalent to domestic CITIC Securities, Haitong Securities. ) . The chart shows that the transaction started on April 10. Other digital […]

Gu Yanxi: The dusk of the Nasdaqs

On April 4th, US time, American exchange holding company Miami International Holdings announced that it had reached a cooperation with Templum. The two companies will cooperate to apply for the establishment of a new digital stock exchange. The new company will leverage Miami Holdings' experience in exchange operations and Templum's experience in digital securities to […]