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A new high in history! The correlation between Bitcoin and the S & P 500 index is about 0.5. What has happened to "digital gold"?

Source: LongHash Editor's Note: The original title was "Bitcoin and S & P 500 reach the highest level in history" In the middle of last month, the correlation between Bitcoin and the S & P 500 index reached a record high. The S & P 500 Index is a market index that tracks the performance […]

Dalio 7600-word long article: What does zero interest rate mean?

Source: Wall Street News Guide: Dalio believes that a decline in long-term interest rates to zero means that almost all assets will go lower, because the positive effects of interest rate cuts no longer exist (at least not very effective). Zero interest rate means that almost all the Reserve Bank's interest rate stimulus tools (including […]

Blockchain war "epidemic" is on its way, 20 applications have landed

Reporter: Li Bing Source: Securities Daily Editor's Note: This article has been deleted without altering the author's original intention. In the fight against the "epidemic", although the blockchain technology is in the development stage, it is not absent. According to mutual chain pulse observations, from February 1st to February 14th, there were 20 blockchain applications […]

Views | Gao Bin, China Communications Industry Association: After the epidemic, blockchain enables business

Editor's Note: The original title was "Gao Bin: After the epidemic, the first year of the blockchain-enabled business comes." This article has been deleted without changing the author's original intention. On February 12, Gao Bin, the deputy director of the Blockchain Special Committee of the China Communications Industry Association, was a guest at TALK. The […]

Revisiting 2020, Bitcoin wants to say

Editor's Note: This article has been deleted without altering the author's original intention. According to the data released by the National Health and Medical Commission's website at 24:00 on February 10: At 04:00 on February 10, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported that 2,478 new cases were confirmed […]

Tracking patients, alleviating the shortage of masks, deploying supplies … Can the blockchain become a magic weapon to fight the epidemic?

Text: Ratchet Pizza Source: A blockchain Before the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, was the blockchain useful? The answer is yes. In this outbreak of the epidemic, the blockchain has also played an important role. From tracking cases, collecting information, and deploying materials, a large number of blockchain applications have been implemented. 01Outbreak […]

In the face of the epidemic, how can blockchain improve the ability to govern according to law?

The pneumonia outbreak of the new coronavirus (2019-nCov) unfortunately began in Wuhan, and the nationwide effort to fight against the epidemic, but many deficiencies were also exposed in the process. This involves a major public event governance approach and is a social problem. Can the blockchain improve the ability to govern major public events in […]

Fighting the new crown, the blockchain is late: Blockchain anti-epidemic application report

Author: Jiang according to students, Zhao Yue, Linze Ling, Wang Mengting Source: 01 Blockchain introduction At present, no matter who you are, you will always follow and know the epidemic situation and related news of the new coronavirus (2019-nCov). It is the 4G / 5G-based mobile Internet and big data infrastructure that provide such possibilities. […]

Hardcore! Blockchain helps to warn of infectious diseases!

Author: Wu Shi children Source: Everyone is a product manager In the Spring Festival of 2020, new coronary pneumonia affects everyone's heart. What can we do as connected people in this battle? In this article, the author tells us from a professional perspective that there are many things we can do. 2020 is bound to […]

Mankind's largest collaboration, "epidemic" and blockchain thinking

Text: Yuan Shang Source: Interchain Pulse [Interlink Pulse] The "war epidemic" is a major event in China and even the world. The war between humans and viruses without gunpowder may have begun since the birth of human beings, but there are many tools in human arsenals, including blockchain. Mutual Chain Pulse explores the ability of […]