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Will the NFT that has tripled in three years become the meme in 2020?

Text | Popsicle Production | PANews How to make a circle and reach a wider audience, so that the currency circle is no longer a carnival for a very small number of people? This is the question before every practitioner. Tide brand is on the chain, the game is a lot of people optimistic about […]

Application of DAO: DAO of Art

I always think that art is the best testing ground for DAO in the non-technical field, and art works are undoubtedly the most suitable experimental pioneers in the art field. The fact is the same. The NFT-based art work market has formed a global Sina. The tide has also given many artists new opportunities, especially […]

NFT: another path for blockchain to land

At the beginning of 2020, NFT ( non-homogeneous token) once again became a hot word in the blockchain world, and people's calls for blockchain applications evoked the potential technical value of NFT. Since the game's mysterious cat love on Ethereum in 2017, a new form of blockchain digital assets has appeared, namely non-fungible tokens. Heterogeneous […]

NFT-the cornerstone of encrypted digital assets

Introduction: It has been nearly 2 years since the popularity of cryptokitties at the end of 2017. It has brought the ERC721 agreement and also made people see the magic of NFT. This article will comprehensively interpret the value points, application scenarios and technical aspects of NFT, and conduct a comparative analysis of mainstream NFT […]

Annual summary of NFT weekly report 丨 combinability of NFT and virtual time and space set

Satoshi Masamoto: 5 daily high-quality articles on cryptocurrencies Today's content includes: 1 NFT composability and MetaVerse; 2 A year in review of token economics; 3 Money On Chain- Defi ambition based on RSK; 4 7 ideas that will change cryptocurrencies in 2020; 5 Binance 2020 New Year's Message: Building the Foundation. NFT composability and virtual […]