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Loss of $ 98 billion per year! Nike, CK, Tommy Hilfiger seek to use blockchain technology to tackle counterfeiting

Summary Well-known clothing brands and retailers have been experimenting with blockchain and RFID tags to track products across global supply chains. This Auburn University project provides a secure way for supply chain participants to share data while retaining their ownership. Leading apparel brands such as Nike, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein (CK) are participating in […]

A few pictures take you to understand the new Nike patent "CrpytoKicks"

Source: Shallot Blockchain Yesterday, the patent of Nike's blockchain sneakers "CrpytoKicks" was approved by the US Patent Office. What exactly is a "CrpytoKicks" patent? This patent outlines a secure encrypted digital asset that can be attached to a physical product (sports shoes in this case) via blockchain technology, and aims to generate a unique ID […]

Nike's "encrypted shoes" received US patents, can trace the authenticity, breed new shoes

According to Cointelegraph, sports brand Nike has applied for a patent for the non-homogeneous token "CryptoKicks" issued on Ethereum for its footwear. (Source: Pixabay ) The patent application date is December 10, and the content is footwear digital assets and how to use them. According to the documentation, the patent uses Ethereum ERC721 or ERC1155 […]

Twitter Featured: Bitfinex is questioned for a loss of $850 million; Nike secretly applies for an encrypted trademark

01 The Office of the Attorney General of New York said Bitfinex secretly made up for a loss of $850 million with Tether funds. According to Coindesk: The Office of the Attorney General of New York said the Bitfinex exchange had hidden its $850 million in customer losses and used TEDA funds to fill it. […]