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Viewpoint | Meditations on Fault Proof (1)

Editor's Note: In general, we will consider Fault Proof as a concept related to Layer-2, which is the model that Layer-2 uses when reporting its status to Layer-1. But in this article, the author uses the general concept of erroneous proof, and considers how to design a erroneous proof mode to make SPV nodes (approximately […]

Preparing for the main online line: a quick overview of Libra node operation guide

The writer is Bison Trails, a blockchain architecture company member of the Libra Association. In this article, Bison Trails shares the preparations that Libra node operators can do to run the verifier and the full node, and gives three recommendations. As a member of the Libra Association, Bison Trails gained an in-depth experience running the […]

Libra node campaign list is big! More than ten institutions have applied for it publicly, and Gan and Gemini are waiting to see.

A node campaign for Libra is taking place worldwide. The initiator of this campaign is the Libra Association. According to the Libra white paper, the Libra Association manages Libra, and companies, cryptocurrency investors, and blockchain infrastructure companies can apply to become nodes, thereby playing an active role in association governance and qualifying for new user […]

Staking funds are more than 5.6 billion US dollars, the annual income is up to 150%, is your coin "coin"?

Staking is one of the hot spots in this industry. Staking translated into Chinese is probably a mortgage, and the resulting Staking Economy is translated into equity economics. Staking refers to the investment behavior of the token holder to obtain the project additional tokens by mortgage the token to the node under the PoS or […]